Grime's Latest Stalwart, Jammz

One individual who is currently storming his way up through the grime scene's ranks is Hackney located MC Jammz. Ever since he made the decision to pursue MCing seriously in 2009 following 5 years on the pirate radio circuit he's kept up an impressive flow of output, making waves with his acclaimed mixtapes What's The Latest, I Am Grime, I Am Grime - The Myth Edition and I Am Grime 3.0 as well as recent cut Mr Wait which dropped on Mean Streets Records last month earning salutes from some of the scenes most revered comrades. Despite all of this attention, his flourishing notoriety seems to account for a just a small perk of the job, with Jammz evidently pursuing a pretty solid work ethic, forever showcasing his material on the airwaves like on his regular stint on Radar Radio show as well as extensively performing with people like Logan Sama and Kano - with whom he's only just finished touring. With a second to none sound and a steadfast approach to the game, the lyrical fireball is one man who is truly becoming one of the scene's most exciting stalwarts.

Recruited to join Big Narstie for his second BDL Room One takeover tonight alongside the likes of Fekky and Logan Sama, we deemed it apt to introduce him to you before he heads to EC1...

First off, how was the Made In The Manor tour? What where the greatest moments?

One word. Madness. It’s one thing being able to even go on tour at all, it’s another thing to be able to tour with somebody you listened to when you was kid. So yeah, I’d say it was pretty mad. I think for me the two greatest moments were the London show, and the Cambridge show. London was sick because it’s home ground. We went out on stage not expecting the greatest reception because obviously everybody had come to see Kano, but to our surprise we actually got shown a lot of love, so that was a good moment.

Cambridge for me though probably topped it. It was probably the best show of the tour for me. The energy levels were high that night and it was probably my best performance of the tour - managed to turn the place into a zoo, moshpits and everything.

He’s obviously one of the early stars of grime, but how has it been working alongside with Kano?

It’s been mad - aside from all the jokes and banter you get to see what actually goes on behind the scenes and how he approaches things. It’s been mostly educational really.. There’s a lot to be taken from how he prepares his shows to how he performs them. Just shows the mount of focus you actually need to be able to perform a setlist of 20 songs everyday for two weeks - it's not a joke ting. At all. And on top of that you have to make it look like it’s no effort at all. The whole experience has kinda put everything into perspective in terms of what I want to do next and how I’m going to do it.

What have you been up to as of late release-wise?

My last single 'Mr Wait'. Produced by Mr. Dubz & Trends Dropped in March and it's been doing well, at the moment it's the most popular tune on my set so it's definitely a good look.

Right now I’m just wrapping up my mixtape Underdog Season with Jack Dat to drop within the next week or so - I decided to do it as a thank you for everyone who voted me as Hyponik's Best Breakthrough Artist at the end of last year and it’s sounding sick.

The main thing though is my Keep It Simple/The World Instrumental EP, which is due for vinyl + digital release on my own label next month. People have been waiting for it for ages so I’m just happy to finally be able to say that it is coming out!

Where do you draw your influences from when making music?

Musically, a lot of things. In particular jungle, r&b, garage and a lot of other things I used to listen to growing up.

Outside of that I just take inspiration from my surroundings and where I live, I don’t think there's any other way I’d be able to tell my story in the realest possible way. As a good friend of mine always says - tell it like it is, don’t sugarcoat.

You describe yourself “21 Year Old Grime MC who does the damn thing properly” – can you explain what you mean by that? Is that just a reference to your work ethic?

Thats a bit of an old quote from my Facebook page!-I should change it to be fair, but yeah, even back then when I did put it there it was a reference to my work ethic. I just believe in being consistent in everything really.

How do you feel you’ve progressed as an artist since the beginning? What have been the biggest challenges so far?

I’ve come a long way man... since I’ve started I’ve definitely reached a place where I’m a lot more confident in my ability as an MC & a producer. One of the biggest challenges in the start was finding a way into “the game”. I didn’t know anyone, and I didn’t know how to get involved if that makes sense. It's more than just uploading music online and expecting it to do well. You have to do the real graft. I think through that whole process of I’ve become much more DIY in terms of my attitude and I think that’s helped a lot. I don’t really feel restricted in anything. If I don’t know how to do something I’ll go and learn it so I don’t have to rely on anybody else.

What do you think has been key to your success?

Not really trying to be anything other than myself to be honest. That and consistency.

Finally, can you tell us what to expect when you play at fabric next week?

In short… All jokes aside, I’m looking to turn the place over. You’ve got me controlling the stage and you’ve got Logan Sama controlling the vibes. It's gunna go off.

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