Hannah Wants

Having signed a track to Rinse and performed as a DJ across Europe already, the Birmingham hailing DJ, Hannah Wants, has already been present on the lips of a few industry tastemakers. Mixmag tipped her as one to watch earlier this year and she'll be appearing here in Room Two under the watchful eye of the Roska Presents banner on 10th May. With a style that feeds off bass music as much as it does classic house, she's fast becoming one of those names that graces numerous lineups, so ahead of her debut in Room Two next month, we sat down with her and asked her some of our cursory introductory questions...

Can you outline the sound of your music as Hannah wants? Where do you think it sits in the current landscape?
I'd say 'house music'…. Both my tracks and what I play are often heavily bass influenced but I definitely don't think I could sit in one particular sub-genre of house. It's all become so cross genre anyway, which I love… You can keep your style and sets really interesting by mixing it up and playing 'different' kinda tracks that you'd think wouldn't ordinarily work together.

You’ve just signed some of your work to Rinse. Can you tell us about the tracks? How does it feel to be launching a new venture on a label as established as Rinse is?
It's an original collaboration with Jamie George called ‘Butterflies’. Jamie has always been a vocalist that I've been interested in working with and together we decided to get something done in the studio. ‘Butterflies’ was the result and I'm excited for the forthcoming release on Rinse. Rinse was the first big radio station I ever played on so I’m proud to now also be featuring on their record label.

What is coming up for you this year?
A really busy and exciting summer is shaping up which includes a three week stint in Ibiza, a few festivals as well as gigging around the UK. Other than that I’ll be working, in the studio and also on the radio loads.

Are you excited about playing at Roska Presents...? What can we expect from your set?
Ridiculously excited! As an up and coming DJ, fabric is a club that I've always dreamt about playing at and Roska has always been a leading player in the scene, so I’m mega happy to be involved in such an amazing line up and event.

Catch Hannah Wants at Roska Presents in Room Two on Friday 10th May.

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