Holy Goof and his FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

Holy Goof is fast emerging as a true connoisseur of UK bass music. Boasting a high powered sound that is seemingly growing momentum by the minute, the Coventry based producer has constructed his own darkside strain of energetic,  dancefloor cuts dropping three devastating EPs on the likes of Four40 Records and Party Like Us this past year.

So, with what deems to be a prolific 2016 ahead for Holy, we took it upon ourselves to be the first to bring him to London for the very first time next month, where he'll play  in Room Two alongside the likes of DJ Q, Roska and Jason Kaye. Of course, we felt it only right to introduce him to you officially ahead of the show, so we asked him a few probing questions and grabbed a brand new and exclusive promo mix along the way.

Download: Holy Goof - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

Are you looking forward to your upcoming debut? What can we expect? Is the mix you’re just recorded for us an indication of what you’ll be playing?

Holy Goof: I'm really looking forward to making my debut at fabric, it's also my debut in London so it's a pretty special entrance! The mix definitely represents my sound but my set on the night will get a little more energetic though.

How do you like to execute your sets normally? Do you tend to mould your sets around the vibe of the line-up you’re playing or just with what feels right on the night?

Yeah I've never been one to plan a set out or anything like that. There's always a few tracks in the bag you know you will play but other than that just go with what feels right.

Production-wise, what have you been up to as of late?

I've just released my latest piece of work entitled Anyone EP which is a three tracker consisting of three original solo productions from myself and is out now.

I've also just released a bootleg of Roll Deep's classic 'When I'm Ere' which is currently available to download for free on soundcloud. I'm also very excited about a remix I've done for Nottingham grime MC, Mez (original track produced by Massappeals) and watch this space for some new projects in 2016.

Do you have a particular studio process? What kind of software/hardware do you use?

Realistically, no, there's no set way I go about making a track, but I don't like making music with natural light in the room. I like curtains/blinds shut and just a lamp on, maybe to get the dark club atmosphere feeling in the room but I'm not really sure, I just feel more comfortable that way...

All the tracks that I've put out so far I made on Logic 9 but I've recently moved to Ableton and am finding it so much more creative and easier to get ideas down. I don't really have any hardware synths or drum machines, I just use my MacBook, soundcard and monitors.

In a nutshell then, how would you best describe your sound?

A sound people can party to! There's so many elements within my music: garage, bassline, grime, house and more! I don't really think there's a label as of yet that people call this sound. I guess it gets branded under the 'UK bass' umbrella which is so wide at the moment.

Who or what have been the biggest influences musically? Who would you say are the artists that have helped shaped your sound to be what it is today?

There are way too many to mention but if I was to narrow it down I would say DJ Q, Flava D, Royal T, TRC, Burgaboy are my more recent influences. Then from listening to garage's DnD, Todd Edwards, Double99, Tnt and grime's Wiley, Black ops, Davinche and Bossman to name a few, these all had a huge influence on me growing up. No matter what genre I listen to it's always the more energetic side that I go for and I think that follows through into how I make my music.

And finally, 2015 must have been quite an imperative year for you? What have been the greatest moments? 

Yeah 2015 has been a great year for me. I think playing in Sheffield for Detonate straight after Skepta on Halloween infront of 2,500 people was definitely one of the best moments of the year along with countless other great shows! Getting all the feedback from the projects you put out feel's pretty good too. People going out of there way to acknowledge your work and praise it always puts a smile on my face.

What have been the biggest challenges?

Making music in general is a constant challenge, striving to create something different and fresh that is also an improvement from the last piece of work you did is what I aim for each and every time, and a challenge that I most definitely welcome!

Friday 8th January

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