John Dimas and his fabric Promo Mix

Hoping to send a shiver down your spine at the end of the month, is the Berlin based but Greek born DJ, John Dimas. Striking out from his typical three deck DJ set, it is going to be his only live artist performance of the month, so a special treat for the Charterhouse Street faithful.

For those of you who may not have come across the sonic outpourings of John Dimas before, we got a chance to catch up with the man to find out a little more about his background. Also, make sure you swing by on the 26th, to get up and personal with his bright and swinging straight up house sound.

Download: John Dimas fabric Promo Mix

So, what was that school project that started off your love affair with DJing?
The teacher asked us to build whatever we liked; some people built transformers or circuits for robots, but I was already playing with my brother's turntable, so I decided to build a DJ mixer. I bought the components with the budget from school and designed a 3 channel mixer with the help of my teacher.

Did it do the job, did you pass?
Yes of course, it worked perfectly!

Do you still have it, or has it been made a museum piece now?
Unfortunately I don’t have it, the school lab used to keep every project from all the students. So after the project, I bought a proper mixer and another turntable, then I started playing some of my brothers old disco records.

How is the club scene over in Greece? Comparable to the hotspots you have been to on your travels?
In Greece, in the early 2000’s, we had a very good scene and clubs, but year by year it just faded out… the new generation is listening to a different kind of music, Greek pop mostly. For example, the city I am from there are no clubs anymore, we used to have good clubs but they all closed. Now there are just 2 small bars, so everyone goes there to listen to some good underground house music. This winter a new small club is opening so hopefully this will help the scene in my city to grow a bit. Honestly it’s hard to compare it with other countries.

What about the big move to Berlin - when did you decide that this was a necessity?
I always wanted to move to Berlin, after visiting a few times over the past years, but I was waiting for the right moment. Last year I made my decision to work a lot on new tracks to give to labels, so I have since moved to Berlin and am really happy about the decision!

Have you enjoyed the move? Do you miss sunnier climate of Greece and a quality gyros?
Yes, I enjoy Berlin, there’s a good energy in this city and you are close to many artist friends. You can also see great DJs who playing here, so after listening to so much good music, you can go straight from the club to the studio and you end up making a track in a very short time. Of course time to time I miss the sun but you know you can’t have everything. Honestly, I’m not big fan of gyros!

You're influenced by some of the classic founding fathers of the house scene [Ron Trent, Derrick Carter, Chez Damier], but who do you find is exciting you from the contemporary producers right now?
At this moment there are so many producers and there are few I like a lot! I would say Djebali, Acid Mondays, Javier Carballo, Hanfry Martinez and of course this very talented young man Jack Wickham!

What was the one classic house cut that started it all off for you? Do you remember where you heard or bought it?
Armand van Helden – You Don’t Know Me. I heard this track when he came to play in Thessaloniki in late 90’s, in a very good club in my hometown. That was the first time I went to this kind of party, so after that I bought the vinyl !

What does the future hold for you, any exciting events or developments in the coming months?
I’m very excited about my debut show in Fabric, also on New Years Day I am playing at Below [Birmingham] which is one of my favorite spots to play… and of course my first appearance at ADE with One records next week.

I have a new EP coming out early next year on One Records, I’m working on EP’s for La Vie En Rose, Dame Music, and I have a few remixes coming on Jordan Peak’s label Rogue Society and a new french label Template Records.


Saturday 26th October

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