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Joining Stephen Brown Live and Ben Sims in Room Two this weekend is one of the latest talents to join the Drumcode family - Joseph Capriati. At only 23 he’s made it onto not one but three of the biggest techno labels in the world (with the others being CLR and Plus 8) and we’re sure there’s still more to come from this rising star who comes replete with a proven character that strives for perfection and development.

Here we get to speak to Capriati, getting to know him a bit better as we count down the days until his debut at fabric this Saturday.

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For our readers who don’t know already - please introduce yourself...
I'm Joseph Capriati, a 23 year old techno DJ and producer from Napoli (Italy). I started DJing in 1998 and started to produce records in 2005 and I'm currently signed to Adam's Beyer's Drumcode label.

What was it like growing up in Italy as a music lover and DJ?
From when I was the age of 15 there were always loads of oportunities to go to the most amazing parties in Italy with the world’s best DJs. This was a big part in my musical culture and what inspired me when I came to start producing my own material. Napoli is one of the best and most supportive of crowds, they are behind me 100% - I love my home!

When did you start making music and what or who were your biggest inspirations for this?
I started to learn how to make my own tracks in 2005, I met a guy in my city that had a big studio and went there everyday to see him working. I got the desire to create my own tracks and to play them in the small parties I was doing around southern Italy at that time. Then, after 2 years of very hard work I finally made my first vinyl EP in the beginning of 2007. It was the happiest moment of my life!

What’s important to you about making your music?
For me what is very important is the choice and the research of the sounds. Every track I make I try to never sound exactly the same as the last track I made before, and always try to introduce new ideas I get while making it. The quality of the mixing and the master is also very important.

What tracks would you choose to introduce your sound to someone who’s not heard your records before and why?
I think I would choose my Drumcode track called “Gashouder”. I think its a mixture of my original sound from when I started producing influenced by funkier bass, together with the deep and darker sounds that I’m using now in my work.

How did you come to join the Drumcode family? What’s it like being part of one of the world’s most heavy weight of techno labels?
I’ve been following Adam Beyer and Drumcode right from when I started to get into techno in 2002/03 so it’s always been a dream of mine to have a record released on Drumcode at some point in my life. I got to meet Adam when we were both in Amsterdam and he asked me for some demos, I sent him 6 tracks and he decided to release all of them. This was the beginning of the work I’m doing now with Drumcode and I hope it continues, for me it’s the best way to be as part of one of the most heavyweight techno labels and they give me the creative freedom with my music that I need.

You’ve played back to back a few times with Adam Beyer now - what’s it like sharing the stage with him?
Adam has always been my favourite techno DJ, I always followed his technical style of mixing and I love how his track selection and creates a special experience for his audience. I never thought I would one day play back to back with him but it happened for the first time at Berghain in Berlin during the Drumcode party there.

We just started to play, without preparing playlists before,and it worked amazingly well! We decided to continue the project and we did it again at Gashouder in Amsterdam for NYE 2010 and in Napoli this February where we did a very special marathon set of 8 hours b2b no stop. It was epic!

We’re nearly halfway through 2011 and it’s been full of outstanding music, what tracks/releases have been your highlights so far?
Currently there are lot of tracks and releases around, most of them coming out without quality control, so it's so difficult for me to choose one track in particular. I just follow artists and labels that always make the difference in the musical circuit, of course Drumcode is on the top of my chart!

What else can we look forward to from Joseph Capriati this year?
I’ve got some projects coming out on Drumcode soon, an EP called “The Gallery in June” then a collaboration with Cari Lekebusch and a track for the DC 15 anniversary. Then I have a Funk D’Void remix for Soma’s 20th Anniversary, one for Pan Pot and another for Markantino that I did with my friend Paco Osuna. I’m also playing some big festivals like Monegros and Awakenings and then we have the Drumcode 15th anniversary tour as well. I’m always working hard trying to do my best and build on what I've achieved so far.

Saturday 10th September

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