Kobosil And Stream A Selection Of Exclusive Tracks

Few artists could wish for a stronger debut that releasing with Berghain tied label Ostgut Ton, however when the moniker 'Kobosil' appeared attached to a thundering re-edit of 'Silo' for Barker & Baumecker's Transsektoral remix release, it wasn't long before people started asking questions. As 2013 progressed, so did the intrigue around the project, helped along by a self-released four track EP blending abrasive noise with thudding industrial rhythms and twisted analogue synth work. This was followed by a subsequent EP for the Ostgut Ton sub-label Unterton, by which time Kobosil had garnered much critical acclaim, leading to bookings in Berlin and beyond.

With a debut live performance in Farringdon scheduled for the 21st December, Kobosil has generously offered up four exclusive track streams, including the abrasive, twisting 'Emil' from his debut EP, and the earthshaking 'Osmium' from his 12” for Unterton.

Alongside this, we also decided to exhange a few words with Kobosil to discuss the show, his decision to self-release his debut EP, and how studying music technology has benefited his productions.

**streams are no longer available** but you can listen to Kobosil's music via his Soundcloud page here.

So first off how are things? I imagine this year has been rather important for you with the release of your remix debut for Barker & Baumecker and successive solo EPs.
Definitely... It was a great and exciting year for me, but exciting is often also in a way stressful. I'm super chuffed that I've found a home for my music and I'm looking forward to the future!

How did the Barker & Baumecker remix come about? Did you already have plans for the Kobosil EP prior to this?
I just asked Barker & Baumecker if I could try to remix a track from their album and I think they liked my work! In the same breath I finished the rk3 EP and four days after the remix came out I had a mastering session with cgb from dubplates & mastering to polish my debut EP.

What was it that led to the decision to self-release your debut EP? Do you plan to release more material in this way?
When I finished 90% of the track "Less" in a one shot live jam two years ago I knew that I wanted to release it myself. I didn't want to have a big label to give their release stamp, you know? That was the main idea behind KOBOSIL on "no label"! At the same time I met the people from the RISE Berlin art gallery and I was hugely inspired by the whole artistic view point of the gallery, I finished the whole EP and asked them if they could take care of the design and print!

Since then I have collected several tunes for my follow up release on my own label and I'm hoping to release this new EP sometime in 2014. Every catalogue number on my own label will be 100% of me captured in a particular moment in time. For me this was always one of the most fascinating things - the way music can freeze feelings and serve as a reminder.

Your press statement mentions that you are in the process of completing an audio production degree, how long had you been producing prior to this and what are your plans after finishing the degree?
I studied three and a half years for this degree. After my last exam I will focus more on my music! I remember the first time in school, the teacher told us that we are learning a technical profession and every "artist" in the room was in the wrong place… For me I can say this view point was wrong. This time was all about learning topics like psycho-acoustics, creating mixdowns, polishing audio with EQs and recording things. In my free time I tried to create music. The whole music, music, music thing was a huge drill into the scene and formed my style, that was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Is the Kobosil material the first you have released or have there been other releases under a different moniker perhaps?
Yes, the remix for Barker & Baumecker was my very first physical release.

Your tracks have quite a dark, mechanical sound, what are your main influences with the project?
Everything in my life. I think influences are a complex thing, of course I don't discover everything by myself but everyone smells, feels and sees the world in a different way and everyone is a kind of artist! You just need to nurture your ability to create, I think the most important part is to be obsessed enough to shape your art in interesting ways.

You are performing live at Fabric on the 21st December, can you tell us a little bit about your setup? Will this be your first live performance?
That show will be my live debut and I'm excited and looking forward! My setup right now is quite simple: a computer, an external mixer, a reverb and a controller to control!

Finally, what can we expect to hear next from Kobosil? Any special projects planned for 2014?
First thing is my 12" for Marcel Dettmann's MDR, which is nearing completion, also in the pipeline is the follow up release on my own label...


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