LSB & his FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

Hailing from Chelmsford in Esseex, Luke Beavon is fast gaining recognition for his meticulous production work as LSB. With releases on labels like Spearhead, DSM, Bingo and Demand he's appearing in Room Two in a couple of weeks (20th September) so it became the perfect time to have a succinct sit down with him and publish a similarly angled mixtape of the sounds he currently favours. A mix which include tracks from players like Calibre, Technicolour and Chimpo amongst others...

Download: LSB & his FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

LSB stands for the Least Significant Bit, right? What’s the thinking behind the meaning of that moniker?
LSB are actually my initials (imaginative, hey?) and The Least Significant Bit was the name of my ill-fated blog and is a phrase I like the sound of and will start to introduce more. It has a rooting in digital music terminology and also has a suitable level of self-depreciation.

How would you describe the music you make in more detail?
This is never an easy question to answer, when making music I try and create a soundscape full of depth and texture and combine this with a groove. I suppose one thing that might stand out is that I’m still a crate digger and use samples that I feel represent me as a producer. Whether I achieve those goals is to be decided by the listener. I’m delighted if listeners form their own interpretations and opinions on my music and I hope it can make an impact of them.

What was it that made you want to devote hours of computer time to producing? How did you get hooked in the first place?
I just wanted to express the ideas I had in my head and try and make them tangible, if only for myself. I was quickly hooked after being shown the basics of Reason by a friend. I’d been DJing for a number of years and it seemed like a natural progression.

Do you still enjoy it as much now?
In some ways I enjoy it more than ever, as you become more technically competent you can start to actually turn your ideas into music without being frustrated by not knowing your tools. However in other ways that addictive initial joy of the unknown and buzz of creating even the most simple things has worn off and it’s not quite as all-consuming as it once was, but that’s healthy.

You’ve had releases on a bunch of labels already but what else is coming up for you this year?
Some more singles on Spearhead and also I’m excited to be releasing on Soul:r in the near future. Being a fan who has being buying the labels records since number 1, I’m chuffed to bits with this.

Tell us about the mix you’ve made?
The mix is a balance between what you might find me playing in a club and some nice home listening. Either way it’s a mix for late night. It’s a mix of my own stuff and some choice cuts from my favorite producers, some old, some new, some borrowed but nothing by Blue.


Calibre - Keep Control
Marcus Intalex - Gripped
LSB - Walking Blues
Mutt - Conversations (Rene La Vice & Gremlinz Remix)
Commix - Change on Me
Hive - Last Call
Amy Steele - Eyes on You (Spectrasoul Remix)
Technicolour - Harp Tune
Keeno - As One
Little Dragon - Twice (LSB Bootleg Mix)
Phil Tangent - Restitution
BCee - Class of '92
Technimatik & LSB - Rotary Motion
Chimpo - Buzzin'
LSB - This City
SKC - Prophecy
LSB - The Hurting
Hybrid Minds - Felcity
Seba & Paradox - Move On
LSB - If You're Here


Friday 20th September

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