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One thing you might not know about Italian house outfit, Lula Circus is that they love movies from the 80’s. Their name is taken from ‘Lula’, the main character of the movie “Wild at heart” by David Lynch, and ‘Circus’ because nightclub life is a bit of a circus itself. And of course you may have guessed it from their 80’s disco inspired dance jam ‘Miami Vice EP' out earlier this summer on NYC’s Stranjjur.

Born in 2008, Danilo and Sergio started off the project with an air of anonymity, letting the music speak for itself but with a demand for more live shows & DJ sets, it’s now that we get to know the real Lula Circus. With their Room Three live show this Saturday for DEMO alongside Terry Francis and Eddie Richards and with an upcoming release ‘Above The City EP’ on Culprit, we wasted no time in speaking to Danilo and Sergio. Listen up as the boys tell us about the current Italian house scene, their brand new label, 'Lula' and we get first download dibs on their ‘Don't Move’ track.

DOWNLOAD: Don’t Move-Lula Circus

Hi guys, tell us a little something each about yourselves? Something that nobody else knows…?
Well...what we hate the most is waking up in the morning, the light is too sharp and we have to wear sunglasses, so we're definately not early birds.

Can you explain to those who aren’t aware of the anonymous nature of Lula Circus?
We started off with this anonymity thing for a while because we wanted the music just to speak for the project itself. But going on with our live and DJ sets we've realised it wouldn’t be so easy to keep up with it so our identity is no any longer a secret.

Do you ever feel a risk in this in such a thriving, saturated DJ market?
We love music and we are not interested in the “DJ market”, we don’t really care or worry about the saturation as long as there is good music circulating that’s fine with us.

Can you tell us how you got into making music?
We have had two different experiences and backgrounds in our music path, but our road met in 2006 and we started to share tracks and opinions. Our friendship grew and we decided in 2008 to start a common project, Lula Circus.

Can you tell us about some of your major influences on your music career (past and present)?
Having two different backgrounds we mix different genres, from hip-hop to techno. From Boards of Canada to Salt’n Pepa passing through a bit of Nick Cave and even a hint of Ricardo Villalobos, as long as there is quality, as always.

What was it like working with dOP & D’Julz on “Charlotte Boulevard” for ‘Children Of Tomorrow.’ What did you learn from the guys & who else would like to do work with in the future?
We have been working in different locations, so we haven’t been closely in touch with the guys. Nevertheless this has been a very good opportunity for us, since dOP & D’Julz were already known names, and we have been given a big chance by the label. They believed in the track and have given us full support.

The dream would be a remix from Aphex Twin or Autechre!

What do you see as the defining characteristics of your tracks?
First of all the groove and powerful bass line, all supported by a catchy tune. An articulate work on voices also characterises our work.

What’s the house music scene like in Italy today?
Actually there is an interesting House scene, with great DJs and producers. Some interesting labels for example are Back and Forth, House Republic and a special mention goes to Mad on the Moon, a truly underground label.

You dropped the ‘Miami Vice EP’ on Stranjjur this Summer. Do you have a soft spot for 80’s movies & what’s your favourite movie soundtracks of the 80’s?
We love the movies from the ’80. Our name is born from Lula, the main character of the movie “Wild at heart” by David Lynch, and Circus because nightclub life is a bit of a circus itself. We love the “Midnight Express” soundtrack, by Giorgio Moroder, “The Warriors” soundtrack by Barry de Vorzon and obviously the timeless music of Ennio Morricone.

What have been your biggest challenges since you started back in 2008?
Our biggest challenge has been not stopping on a genre, but continuing our research to create new music and new moods, looking at both past and future influences in the scene.

Tell us about our upcoming release ‘Above The City EP’ on Culprit? How did you get involved with the Culprit crew?
We have been following Culprit for some time, and we got involved because we have been sending them a few tracks. Not long after we found out they've been playing them at their famous parties in Los Angeles. So our friendship and mutual respect grew altogether, ending with them including our track into this Various Artist EP.

Can you tell us a little bit about the track you’ve been kind enough to give us?
"Don't Move" has a special story behind: it was the first time we used our voice on a track (Danilo recorded his own voice), so we decided to keep it only for private use, sharing it with DJs and good friends...I think fabric's blog readers are good friends.

What are you looking forward to most right now both in life & music?
We want to continue to do our job well and produce interesting quality music. At the same time play more and more in front of big crowds because it's always a great emotion. For us music is about communicating with people and we love to groove the dance floor.

Finally, what future projects should we be looking out for from yourselves?
We just started a collaboration with LA based Nikko Gibler (Culprit), and some really cool material is coming out from there. We have upcoming releases on Mad On The Moon, Minimood and its sister label Agora, Stranjjur, House Republic. We are also making the last adjustments to the first release of our brand new label, Lula. It will consists of 3 original Lula Circus tracks + a huge remixer, strictly on vinyl, out in January 2012.

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