Introducing...Moodtrap and Their Tsuba X fabric Mix

Moodtrap are a year old production outfit. Made up of two previously known bodies from within the house music contingent and following a long period of appreciation for the label are releasing all their output exclusively on Kevin Griffiths’ esteemed Tsuba Records imprint. We’ve got an exclusive coup all of our own from the duo though ahead of next weekend when they’re preparing to debut their fresh live set up in Room Three as part of the Tsuba showcase. In anticipation of the event, Moodtrap have prepared a demonstrative set of their wares for our blog, as well as speaking to us to introduce the mysterious project and reveal more of their future plans.

DOWNLOAD: Moodtrap Tsuba X fabric Mix

First up, can you please introduce yourselves to the readers who may not have had the pleasure of your music yet?
We're a couple of guys in their late thirties that have been involved in the house music scene for the last two decades. After producing under a different name for almost 5 years, we've created a new, secret alias for exclusive productions on Tsuba, which is focused on pure classic house influences. After just over a year running, here we are at our debut performance at fabric on Saturday 21st July, we're thrilled!

What’s the story behind your name?
With the name Moodtrap we simply try to capture the essence of our sound in two combined words.

This anonymous alias has given us the opportunity to find the right formula for our sound and work for one of the most respected underground house label on the market, and we're very proud of that.

You’ve actually been making music for a number of years under a different moniker (that shall remain secret) – why have you chosen this new direction and to use an anonymous tag?
The main idea with Moodtrap is to shed our identity behind masks and remain anonymous to simply focus all the attention on the sound and let the music do the talking. This secret alias has created a nice buzz around the project and the response from people and in the industry about our music has been amazing so far!

How did you link up with Tsuba?
We've been quite good friends with Tsuba boss Kevin Griffiths and big fans of the label for many years. After expressing his interest in signing our track 'Influence' just over a year ago for the Tsuba Samurai Bushido collection, we sat down and came up with the idea of a new, secret alias, for exclusive productions on Tsuba records.

Why’ve you chosen to keep things exclusive with them?
As the Moodtrap project was conceived with Tsuba in our minds, it sits perfectly within the musical directions of the label, which is something quite unique in a very busy music market, therefore we thought it was the best solution to keep things exclusive with the label. This also helps to draw more attentions on the project and the label itself, and we're quite happy with our choice!

What’s coming up in the release schedule then?
It's been a busy year for Moodtrap in studio. We've planned two more of releases before the end of the year, one for the Tsuba limited collection and the second one is a new single, Athina, which will be release the first week of September.

This is your UK live debut, what’ve you got planned for it, can you run us through the set up and how you've been preparing?
For our debut we'll be performing a live set running Ableton Live with two Akai APC40 controllers. We've been DJing for many years using vinyl, CD’s, Traktor and so on. We really want to take our set to a new level, something unique for the Moodtrap project. In our live set we'll bring together the feeling of a DJ set and the creativity of a live performance, re-editing live a selection of some of our favorite productions mixed with a few classics, that capture the true nineties house sounds, which is our trade mark. The main focus of our live show is the dancefloor and we'll work to keep our sound grooving throughout the show.

You’ve also prepared a mix for us, can you tell us how you put it together and of any ideas behind it?
We've worked on the mix in the exact same way we're preparing for the show in room 3 on 21st July, to ensure that people who listen to it know what to expect at our Fabric debut. You'll be able to enjoy a blend of some of our favorite productions, as well as a few timeless tracks from the mid-nineties that still give us goose bumps which keep in line with our Moodtrap vibe.

Moodtrap will be playing live here on 21st June as part of a Tsuba Records showcase where they’ll join label boss Kevin Griffiths as well as Mic Newman in Room Three.

Saturday 21st July

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