Introducing...Nitin + His No.19 X fabric Mix

Nitin is the co-founder of No.19 with label partner Jonny White of Art Department. Together they are a rare breed of talent imprinted in the underground Toronto scene, hunting for and creating new music with an authentic take on house, techno and electro sounds whilst championing live music projects.

Next Saturday, No.19 will be restlessly making the trip from their North American shores to showcase their wares for the first time bringing Art Department, Tone Of Arc (LIVE) and Nitin himself into our heady late night dancefloor territory. We asked Nitin to give us his upfront and personal profile on the label and deliver us a promo mix that manifests the message of his music style and No.19 and to give you a taste of what to expect when he lands in the booth next weekend. It's a smoking mix that's been doing the office rounds since it landed in our inbox yesterday and you can download it below.

DOWNLOAD: Nitin fabric Promo Mix

How did No.19 start?
No.19 was born in 2008 and was the brainchild of Jonny White. The idea was simple - for ourselves and our crew to have a platform to release house and techno that was a bit left of centre. Focusing on the idea of "Freedom Of Expression" which is the 19 Amendment in the Human RIghts Charter. When he told me about it I thought it was a great concept. We had already been working together throwing parties and DJing for a few years at this point and this seemed like a natural progression for us to move forward together with this project. We pooled our resources and started releasing music. The early releases were comprised of us and our crew with higher profile remixers.

How has No.19 grown in its music outlook since it started?
We were mainly focused on house, techno and electro sounds early on from our core group of artists. We are shifting gears as of late to include music with a bit of an organic, live feel to it. Also this past year we had releases on No19 with newer artists that are on the rise. Guys like MIguel Puente and Louie Fresco from Mexico and debut releases from artists who were releasing under new monikers like Cameo Culture (formerly Soho808) and Tone Of Arc (formerly Deal Seal). As the label has grown, we've been in a better position to put out releases from some newer artists.

Who are the artists involved?
We've worked with so many artists over the years but I would say the core artists at this point and time are:

Art Department
Deniz Kurtel
Tone Of Arc
Louie Fresco,
Cameo Culture
Clayton Steele
& myself

What are some of your favourite releases on the label?
One of my favourite releases on the label would have to be Kenny Glasgow's album. The first album we ever released on the label and Kenny's first musical offering in years. Another would be my debut on the label and this came with a Yoruba Soul Remix which is still something I play in my sets from time to time. And finally I would say the debut release on the label. Jonny's "Rain Song". Another one that is still in the mix.

What’s coming up next on the label?
Right now we have Ali Loves release "The Jungle/Playa" which is out now with Seb Brigante's vinyl only mix. Following this is Tone Of Arc's next 12". It's a cover of the Q Lazzarus song "Goodbye Horses". The B Side is a song called Sound Sail which is one of my personal favourites from Tone Of Arc. This has an amazing remix from Deniz Kurtel. We'll be ending off the year with something very special from Art Department. We are very excited about this one to say the least.

Saturday 22nd September

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