Introducing...ONNO + His fabric Promo Mix

If you’ve found yourself looking for some heavyweight house late at night in Amsterdam the chances are you will have come across ONNO playing his residency at legendary club, Studio80. ONNO first began working his way onto the helm of the Dutch city’s vibrant house music scene in 2010, building close relationships with the artists and labels he aspires to such as Remote Area and Souvenir Music. Since then he’s garnered quite the reputation for himself both in the 'dam and worldwide getting picked up by MuMu to play for them in Room Three this Saturday to present his debut live show destined to bring the funk out of you.

Before ONNO creates dancefloor damage next to Dorian Paic, Lee Rands and Adele Moss we asked him to introduce himself to us for the first time below and present a promo mix of upfront twisted house grooves.

DOWNLOAD: ONNO fabric Promo Mix

Good to meet you ONNO. Can you tell us a bit about yourself for those who aren’t aware of your background?
Nice to meet you too. I am a DJ/producer based in Amsterdam. I release music on labels like Moon Harbour, Get Physical, Upon.You and International DJ Gigolos amongst others. Also, I am one of the resident DJ’s at Studio 80 in Amsterdam and Ushuaia in Ibiza.

What's it like to live in Amsterdam as a DJ? Where do you go to for music inspiration?
Amsterdam is great. It's a compact city, almost a village pretending to be a city, so you always see some familiar faces when you are out and about. Another nice thing about the Dam is that the music scene is really diverse here. It's just as easy to go to a house or techno night as it is to hear some decent Hip Hop or Dub Step or go to a nice concert of some sort.

Where is the best place to go in Amsterdam to discover underground house music? You’re a resident at Studio 80 so this must be a good place to start..
Studio 80 is great place indeed; It's a proper club in every sense and in that sense it reminds me a bit of fabric actually. The rooms are dark and not too big and have a really solid sound system. What makes the place most special is the crowd and the people running the place though. From the director to the bookers and down to the Bar staff, everybody is always up for a party there. Trouw also has to be mentioned, as their programming is always second to none. And then of course you have the smaller clubs like Chicago Social club and promoters like VBX, Voltt, Dekmantel etc. who do great parties in various on and off locations throughout the city.

Can you give music heads a taste of what to expect when you play live in Room Three next Saturday?
I'll be playing live so it will me my own music exclusively, including loads of yet to be released bits. In general my music quite focused on the low-end, drums, bass etc. So perfectly suited for the fabric sound system I reckon.

How did you hook up with MuMu for their Room Three takeover?
I played for the MuMu guys in London before and after my gig we went down to fabric to continue. There I had a chat with Trevor (MuMu head honcho) about how great it would be for me to play at fabric at some point. So it was a nice surprise when this booking came in.

How much time do you get in the studio? What’s next for you that we should be looking out for?
I try to be in the studio as much as possible but with the traveling of late and the summer season, I haven't been as much as I would have wanted. I cannot complain though, as I have had a really productive year with original releases on Moon Harbour, Upon.You and Get Physical, next to a pretty decent amount of remixes.

The things that are still coming up are a track on the 5 years anniversary compilation of Upon.You Records, and a Boris Werner remix of one of my old tracks on the same cd. I also finished some music with Sam Russo, but I cannot say too much about this at this point.

Finally can you tell us about the mix you’ve done for us and how it’s a reflection of the artists and sounds you’re into?
I think the mix reflects my sounds perfectly. House music to lose yourself in.

Saturday 29th September

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