Ossie & his FABRICLIVE x Standard Place Mix

London based house producer Ossie made an emphatic entrance to the public conscious with ‘Tarantula,’ his debut release on the Lightworks label. Grounded by the 4x4 pulse of the kick drum, Ossie supplely built layers of chords but, more tellingly, wormed around it with his lead line that creeps in and out of the percussion. In vogue with the injection of more trad house flavours in London’s dances that was happening at that time, Ossie’s follow up for Kode9’s Hyperdub label emphatically ‘Set The Tone’ for where his production was at. His percussively driven tracks like ‘Power Of Love’ and ‘Set The Tone’ worked in a similar way to each other but sounded completely individual thanks to the way he approached the flourishes on top of his drum beat.

Since then Ossie’s been playing around, in terms of music and in terms of his DJing. Appearing in Standard Place's Room Three takeover this Friday, we quickly quizzed the producer to enable us to better frame the promotional mix that he made for the occasion...

Download: Ossie – FABRICLIVE x Standard Place Mix

Despite what people might think given the funky edge of your tracks like ‘Tarantula’, you’re playing a lot of ‘proper' house music out. Has that always been an interest to you? How did you get into that type of music?
I got into house music around 2006 both listening and producing. I started out with broken beat and funky house, then added tech and deep along the way the more I was DJing. Funny enough I find myself buying a lot more deep house these last few months and it’s weird because the stuff I buy and play out is different to the music I make which, I’ve noticed, is a lot more percussive. I think it’s a plus that I can then switch between them during sets.

You’ve put out records on Lightworks and Hyperdub already... What else have you got coming up? What’s been going on with you inbetween releases?
I've got lot more tracks with vocals lined up. I had positive feedback from my track ‘Alien’ I put up on Soundcloud a few months ago and I sang on that myself. So now I have vocal tracks to be released with vocals not just from me. Apart from that I've just been DJing regularly and balancing the two.

What’s your relationship with the guys at Standard Place like?
It came through Robin [Reecha] and Jon [Rust], they started Lightworks and released ‘Tarantula’. From that friendships have grown… I’ve played at a few Standard Place parties and played at the Boiler Room with them as well. The guys are cool, hard working and fun to hang out with.

Can you tell us a little bit about the mix you’ve made for us?
Yeah it combined of tunes I’m feeling at moment as well tunes I’ve just recently made, so it was nice to test them out especially for you guys.

Catch Ossie in Room Three this Friday.

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