Introducing... Reboot & Robert Dietz present 'No Hit Wonder'

Over the last year, Reboot and Robert Dietz have been busy working on their brand new live act and DJ partnership, No Hit Wonder. On Saturday, we’ll be pulling back the curtain to reveal the project as they explore their love for blushing house and techno in a whole new fashion to what we’ve seen previously through their solo or back to back DJ sets, in Room One.

Theres one thing that hasn't changed though and that’s Dietz and Reboot’s friendship which has been incubated over fifteen years of playing at the same clubs, record shopping together and living near each other in their home town of Frankfurt. The city is an electronic emporium for a whole slew of house veterans, including their close companions Markus Fix and Chris Tietjen who’ve also been championing its sound over the past decade.

Read on to understand on a deeper level how Reboot and Robert Dietz fortuitous connection transfers from the stage to the dancefloor, as well as what’s happening in their own wild world. Plus, in anticipation for the weekend, we've been presented with Reboot's latest 'Cadenza Source To Cycle' podcast, where he lays down "one of his infamous live sets that features live re-edits of his own music and some killer grooves from the wider scene”.

DOWNLOAD: Cadenza Podcast | 019 - Reboot (Cycle)

Hello guys, can you tell us what No Hit Wonder is about?
Well simply said, it’s a Live act and DJ combination of two close friends.

We know you’re both Cadenza family members but how did you come up with the collaboration? When did you launch the concept and where is it heading next?
You know what, after travelling and playing together for many years now, it was just the right time to look for a new concept and challenge. We played shitloads of shows together and arrived at a point where we felt some sort of routine sneaking into our back2back DJ sets. The most natural step was to either stop playing together or to create something new, like playing with more elements, being more intuitive with extra gear and creating something on the next level to the normal DJ sets. So we launched the project about one year ago and had our debut at the Day One festival in Madrid at the 1st of January this year.

Your production skills focus on the same meeting place between technical proficiency and pure excitement. So what have you learnt playing together in such close proximity?
To be honest we are both control freaks when it comes to our own productions but when we play together we manage to surprise, interact with each other and put our own egos aside. But you know what is the most important thing - we simply have fun!

Tell us how your musical passions collide for a project like this?
That's an easy one; we’ve been educated in the same area around Frankfurt, the same clubs and record shops during the last 15 years so there has never been a clash about our musical preferences.

How does playing together compare to the solo sets you have become so well known for over the years?
When you are playing alone you are in total control of your selection and performance. Playing together means you have to get into mutual flow. The good thing about is that you can challenge, push and surprise each other with tracks or elements the other one wouldn't have had expected at all. In the best case it leads us into an unforeseen journey.

Has it always been a passion of yours to push boundaries and open people's eyes and ears to a new understanding of music?
Of course it has, obviously that's why we became DJs.

Can you tell us what else you both have coming up for the second portion of this year?
We just recently had releases on Cadenza, Be Chosen and Saved or Moon Harbour. Robert is working on a CD mix compilation for a new London based label called Arkitekt, which will be released at the end of August. But now it's the time to tour and present our music, at the end of the year it’s time to get back to new studio projects.

You’ve played with everyone from Luciano, Loco Dice, Ricardo Villalobos, Davide Squillace and many many more. What have been some of the magical moments you’ll never forget?
If you are blessed to live your passion like we do these kinds of magical moments happen all the time. There is no way to pin down a single one. But if the right components are coming together it just happens.

Catch Reboot & Robert Dietz in Room One this Saturday.

Saturday 28th July

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