S.E.F, Switched On Records and his FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

As a partner in the Deep Teknologi label, London’s S.E.F helped bring house music to a new and different audience. Along with T.Williams they released a slew of records and mixes that merged more conventional house structure with a real, concrete kind of London attitude. It would appear though, through S.E.F’s latest venture, Switched On Records, that he has much more of a purist take on house music that’s a little less balls out bras and a lot more groove led. After a number of years working in and around the music industry Switched On marks S.E.F’s solo enterprise, a label that he stoically states will be informed by his tastes - their first release came from Alex D££mnds and it set the tone neatly for the label, working itself through at a house tempo with panache.

Ahead of S.E.F’s set in Tayo’s Lean Left room on Friday 15th June we caught up with the producer in between flights to Poland to grab the low down on his new label and to procure a showcase mix that neatly depicts the kind of sound you can expect from future releases and from his set here a week on Friday.

Download: S.E.F – FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

Can you introduce yourself for those who may be unfamiliar with your work?
I’m S.E.F. I'm a DJ producer and founder of Switched On records. I've been involved in the music industry for over 10 years and have been fortunate enough to work in most parts of it from selling records and promoting club nights, to now owning and running a label.

You just started Switched On, what’s the label’s mission statement?
Switched On Records is simply about promoting quality house music. I'm continually striving to unearth and nurture new talent, in order to create & maintain a label that will be synonymous with high quality house music.

We're not trying to reinvent the wheel, but I’d like to think that in time, Switched On Records will be a label that is mentioned when people are talking about new high quality produced house music.

Obviously you were part of Deep Teknologi, does that label’s output inform this one’s sound? Like, is the music similar do you think?
No. Deep Teknologi and Switched On Records are two completely different entities, in more ways than one. Switched On Records is a sole venture, which means that I have full control over the direction of the label. With this being the case, I can honestly say that Switched On Records' sound won't be informed by anybody or anything other than myself. I've grown as a DJ and a person since Deep Teknologi was started, so inevitably, my sound and style have changed.

The only similarity that can be drawn between both labels (if any) is that at their inception, both labels aims were/are the same- promoting quality house music.

What releases have you got coming up?
Next up on the label will be my debut release, entitled The Autonomy EP. Beyond that there’s plenty more material from Alex D££mnds who kicked things off with the Credentials EP. He has been prolific recently and there will be at least one more release from him in 2012. There’s also a release from Rob Lee who is another up and coming producer but has a more laid back sound than Alex and myself. We’ll also have our first release from artists overseas in the shape of Urulu from LA and Chaos In The CBD from New Zealand. They have collaborated on an EP which is a real winner in my eyes.

Tell us a bit about the mix?
I'd like to think that this mix gives listeners an insight into my sound and that of the label. fabric is known around the world for being the most cutting edge club going so I made a conscious effort to find as much new and exclusive material to do it justice.

The mix is mainly made up from forthcoming material from various artists on Switched On Records, in addition to artists on other labels that I’m into namely Audio Rehab, Resonance Records and Sinq. I’d like to think it will give people a snapshot into what the sound of the London’s underground house scene is at currently.

Catch S.E.F performing in the Lean Left room on Friday 15th June.


S.E.F. - Boiling Point (Switched On Records)**
Urulu - Another Time (Exploited)**
Quell - Vocation (Tsuba Records)
Alex D££mnds - Credentials (Switched On Records)
Luke Larrell & Victor Reid [feat. Verse] - Serious People (Audio Rehab)*
S.E.F. - Dissident (Switched On Records)**
Alex D££mnds - Bloodsucker (Switched On Records)**
Antoine Fahy & Nicolas Sanchez - Think About That (Sinq)*
James Pople - Something Else (Resonance Records)
Untitled - Chaos In The CBD & Urulu (Switched On Records)**
Rob Lee - Ante Meridium (Switched On Records)**
Mosca - Eva Mendes (Hypercolour)*
Alex Agore - Your Touch (Killax Recordings)
Tricky Strutt - Dark Roomz**

* denotes an unreleased track
** denotes a FABRICLIVE Promo Mix exclusive

Friday 15th June

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