Introducing...Samu.l + His fabric Promo Mix

Our close friends and thespians of Room Three, Bigger Deer Records, are back to revel in their extended after hours glory this Saturday night, exploring all corners of the dancefloor with label head, Lewis Ryder, Ross Caiden and Samu.l - a young talent who we’re fast bringing your attention to today. At just 23 years old, the Birmingham based DJ/producer has clocked up rapid interest for his residency at one of the UKs best clandestine parties Cloak/N/Dagger, as well as for his hugely popular edits of Burial’s ‘Raver’ and James Blake’s ‘The Wilhelm Scream’. Not to mention his current releases on One Records and Saved – which in our opinion, are all more than worthy of your listening time.

Having risen through the ranks of the house and techno scene in a short speed, we asked Samu.l what he’s looking forward to next. When he tells us about finishing his degree, getting his results and having the freedom to dedicate all his time to studio and gigs, we're glad to hear this is only the beginning.

We'll leave you in his company and promo mix which he tells us - “I made the mix at home using Traktor vinyl. It's representative of the style I might play warming up in a club early doors through to peak time and it's predominantly made up of tracks from friends and artists that are producing music that really represent my sound as a DJ. “

Hey Samu.l, Good to meet you. Can you introduce yourself for those who aren’t initiated on your story so far?
Hi. I'm a 23 year old Birmingham based DJ/producer. I first turned on to electronic music when I was about 16 and have been taking it more seriously for the past 3 or 4 years while I have been studying music production at University. I started producing under my Samu.l alias about one and a half years ago and I’m really happy with how everything is progressing so far.

Can you pick three of the most influential tracks that inspired you as DJ/producer first starting out and tell us why?
Booka Shade - In White rooms, Loco Dice - Flight LB 7475 and Martin Buttrich - Well Done are some of the earliest tracks that I remember playing a lot and were influential to me for my own production. I think all of these records have great depth and emotion.

Looking back, what’s been one of the greatest sets you’ve played and why?
I love to play new parties and locations, but one of my early set's at my residency, Cloak/N/Dagger, in Birmingham sticks out for me. It was the first time I tested out a number of my tracks and the response from the crowd was incredible. I had the closing set and people were banging the low ceilings and going crazy. People said that they found bits of the ceiling in their hair and pockets the next day!

We recognise your production skills famously for your hugely popular edits of Burials ‘Raver’ and James Blake ‘The Wilhelm Scream.’ How did the two projects come about? What is it about the tracks that got you hooked?
The James Blake and Burial tracks, I loved the originals so much I wanted to be able to fit them into my sets, so I attempted to just add my style to them. I didn't think too much about it, they just seem to really work!

Can you tell us about your live-set up? Is it a craft you get to work on regularly? Do you prefer the DJ or live performance?
For my live set I use Abelton Live with an APC20 and Kontrol X1. I play my released and unreleased material and also loops made specifically just for the intended gig. I'm working on material for my sets regularly and my residency in Birmingham has been a good place to alternate between DJ and live performance. I have always loved to DJ, however, with the right environment and sound the live performance can be a brilliant experience.

We read you’ve got a hotbed of releases coming out on One Records and Saved? Can you tell us about them and how they are a reflection of particular sounds and influences you’re into right now?
My single 'Innocent' on One Records is out now on the various artists E.P which has received great support. The 'Forgiven' track on Saved was featured on Nic Fanciulli's 'Balance' mix CD which is available now, and the single release is to follow very soon.

What’s your vice with the Bigger Deer crew? How are you looking forward to playing in Room Three this Saturday?
I got introduced to the guys at Bigger Deer a while ago and I did a remix for them which was one of my first to be released, so I’m super excited to be playing with them this weekend in Room Three.

Can you tell us what other exciting projects you’re working on?
I have just completed a remix of Alexander Kyosev for Earlydub Records, which is due out in July. Also a big remix for One Records coming towards the end of the summer, and 'The Traveller' will be out on Fuse London very soon too.

Finally, the summer is here (come rain or shine). What are you looking forward to most about it?
I'm looking forward to finishing my degree, getting my results and having the freedom to dedicate all my time to the studio and gigs. I have my first festival gig in Sheffield, a date for Below with some of the Desolat crew, and a few International dates TBA.

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