Silent Dust (+ Exclusive FABRICLIVE Promo Mix)

With an album forthcoming on Soul:R and an upcoming appearance on the 5th November in Room Two for Calibre’s ‘Even If’ album launch, the team of Silent Dust, also known as producers Hobzee and Zyon Base, certainly intrigued us. In a time when drum & bass is diversifying, with the Autonomic fronted minimalism and euphoric bass weight often taking prevelance and the half time rude boy sonic explorations of people like Rockwell and June Miller making an emphatic mark on our dancefloors, it’s not surprising that the duo who put together this FABRICLIVE Promo Mix are influenced by everything happening musically outside of the ‘conventional’ d&b realm.

After putting together a refreshingly melodic mix, we felt inspired to bring you guys, our regular readers, a little more background on the duo; so we caught up with both of them, as we do, to feed our curiosity…

So for those that don’t know, can you briefly introduce yourself?
Hobzee: We're pretty sure most people won't know! We're Andy and Dan, and we wrote an album called Silent Dust that will be coming out on Soul:R Records .We've also been making music as Hobzee & Zyon Base for a few years but we felt a new name would reflect the music a little better.

What kind of background do you come from musically and how did it progress to the music you are making and playing now?
Zyon Base: It was Oasis really. I don't think either of us would be spending so many hours making music if it wasn't for Liam and Noel…

Hobzee: We've changed a lot from our early releases to the album but to say we've progressed would suggest we've somehow left drum & bass behind which isn’t true. It's still electronic music with basslines at between 160 - 170 bpm.

When you did you pick up production and what compelled you to do so?
Zyon Base: We both started making simple beats on a Fruity Loops demo (when it was still called Fruity Loops!). Andy was making d&b tracks before me, whereas I started off making more hip hop/downtempo things. Ten years later and it’s still pretty much the same set up but we can save our tracks midway through now!

Do you think that there is anything inherent to all the music that you make that ties it all together?
Hobzee: Autotune and vinyl noise...

Who else in music is doing it for you right now?
Zyon Base: I think we both feel that the really interesting electronic music at the moment is the stuff that doesn't sit comfortably within any one accepted tempo or genre. We've been mostly listening to Flying Lotus, Stephan Bodzin, James Blake, Ital Tek, Four Tet, Blue Daisy, Ramadanman, Harmonic 313…

Hobzee: In terms of drum & bass: Calibre has always been a favourite producer for both of us.

What other projects have you got in the pipeline?
Zyon Base: There’s definitely more Silent Dust music coming, we are working on an EP to follow on from the album and then we’ll probably start work on album number two!

Hobzee: There will also be some mixed-tempo remixes from the album to be released.

Download: Silent Dust - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix


01. Triad - Fiasco VIP (DUB)
02. Gunston - Transitions (IM:LTD Dub)
03. Nether - Glacial Dub (DSM Dub)
04. Fellowship - Divided Soul (Creative Source)
05. Silent Dust - Marlowe (Soul:R Dub)
06. Flatliners - Twisted Dreams (Break Fast Audio)
07. Dub Phizix - Inertia (Dub)
08. June Miller & Circa - Glassjaw (DSM Dub)
09. K - Still Moving (Subtitles)
10. Silent Dust - Zero Nine Zero (Soul:R Dub)
11. Triad - Out Of Scale (X-Tinction Agenda Dub)
12. Eveson - Vice Point (Samurai Red Seal Dub)
13. Marcus Intalex - Steady (Soul:R Dub)
14. Flatliners - Black Rock Depths (Break Fast Audio)
15. Silent Dust - 1959 (Soul:R Dub)
16. Mousse T Ft Calvin Lynch - Monotony Triad Remix (Peppermint Jam Records Dub)

Catch Silent Dust in Room Two on the 5th November for Calibre’s ‘Even If’ album launch. Sets on the night from Calibre, Marcus Intalex, dBridge, Lynx, S.P.Y., Silent Dust and DJ Lee. Keep it locked to the fabric Blog for a chance to win copies of Calibre’s album too…

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