Introducing...Trevino & His Two The Nothing Special X fabric Promo Mixes

Despite being at the forefront of drum & bass for the main span of his long and illustrious career, it wasn’t until 2011 that Marcus Intalex released his first long player, ‘21’. Really showing off his diversity as a producer it expressed his love and appreciation all across the board of possible electronic genres. Never tenuous, these diversions into new territories are always underpinned by a tenable warmth and the stylistic precision that has become something of his trademark.

Now, Marcus has adopted the Trevino handle to umbrella his bespoke four four productions and DJ sets which made its first appearance on Martyn’s 3024 label with his track ‘Chip’. Craig Richard’s The Nothing Special imprint will be the next outlet for Trevino music, something he’s marking with a visit to Room Two this Saturday to perform alongside Craig, Appleblim and Addison Groove.

As part of Marcus’ techno journey he has produced these two mixes ahead of Saturday night where he looks back to his own early Chicago house roots and forward to today’s current sounds. We also spoke to him on being ready to set the focus in this new direction for an old, open-hearted love.

DOWNLOAD Trevino The Nothing Special X fabric Promo Mix Pt. 1

DOWNLOAD Trevino The Nothing Special X fabric Promo Mix Pt. 2

Would you say the first time after becoming known as a ‘drum and bass’ type your album 21 was the first time you’ve released music that spans multiple genres and beats?
Even though I had previously realesed a couple of house things in the past I have never really mixed up the genres... I think that’s more of an LP thing rather than something you do on a 12. So, with 21 being my debut LP it’s the only time I really have had the chance...

It’s become a bit of a trend for drum and bass producers to now turn their hands to more four four music, why do you think this is happening?
Yah I don’t really know... I can only speak for myself. I have for years tried to make house and techno that I have been happy with, it’s always been a passion of mine but with d’n’b I guess being the day job, I never really spent enough time in studio to really concentrate on it. It wasn’t really until after the album last year that I felt I could afford to really try and up my game with the non d'n'b stuff. I have probably been hard at it now for about 9 months and its only now that I feel like I am starting to make music that I am happy with in this genre. What is also happening is I find I’m enjoying making d’n’b far more. Also, it has kind of taken away the stresses of having to deliver and I just fell like I can do what I want with it...

Would you say in your experience of being involved in electronic music from day one that open-mindedness is a new thing?
Ha no absolutely not... open mindedness is what has always pushed things forward and progressed the sound of scene, it’s that attitude that drives new genres/sub genres. These days though, it has to be said that there’s is a lot less stigma attached to writing music across many styles than there used to be. It’s an extra freedom that I enjoy immensely.

Across all of your production, what would you say underpins the ‘Marcus Intalex’ sound?
That’s simple: a good honest dance groove with feeling and its own personality...

Why have you taken on the moniker Trevino now?
I just didn't want to turn up at gigs with people wondering if I was going to play house or D’n’B or techno or all three... it just allows me to separate the two sounds as I really don’t think they go together in terms of a DJ set.

You’re producing under this name as well as DJing – what kind of sound can we expect on your forthcoming Nothing Special record?
The Trevino sound is very much a sound in progress. I feel like I am starting by writing music that I have always wanted to make, music that was inspired by being in love with the early sounds of Chicago and Detroit. Backtracking and Jauntwofive are almost tribute records to the producers of that era.

Those very producers are the people most responsible for my love of dance music, I’m just trying to get it all out of my system; it’s been shacked up inside me for over 20 years.

What sounds are inspiring you right now?
Too much at the moment... I can’t keep up... I really like a bit of everything... good solid American sounding house and techno... a lot of Berlin sounding European techno bits of tech house... The post dub step UK guys... there’s such a wealth of it.

You’ve provided two mixes here for us as you explore Trevino as a DJ’s sound – can you talk us through the track selection and what ideas you wanted to get across in them?
Ha no I don’t think I can... I can barely remember what I played, I think one is me going though some older and more housey stuff and the other one being newer material and a little harder edged in places. My main aim with them is to try and get the feel of the music for myself... try and build a story through the mix and basically just prepare myself for what should be an interesting two hours next Saturday...

Saturday 3rd March

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