Introducing...Truncate and his fabric Promo Mix

The latest addition to our fabric mix series served as an insight into the dynamic possibilities of a DJ mainly known for the steel-cool techno of his resident city Berlin. Perhaps those of you who have been on one of Ben Klock’s 8 hour journeys have been privy to flourishes of colour and softer tones in his sets, but typically, when on tour and thrust to obey a 2 hour set time, you’ll likely hear him deliver direct to dancefloor bangers. Truncate is a project for David Flores, aka Audio Injection, which is more of a move for the LA based producer into DJ tool territory, music which you will have definitely have heard in all the varieties of Klock’s DJ sets since the two started sharing music. Two of Truncate’s tracks made it onto Klock’s fabric 66, not only opening the mix and transitioning into DJ Bones deftly raw machine funk but also bridging Klock’s rework of Josh Wink complete with hardcore-esque flourishes into the unwavering four four flow of Planetary Assault Systems.

This Saturday will be the first time Flores is our guest in Farringdon under the Truncate moniker as he comes to help launch the CD in question in Room Two where he’ll be playing alongside Ben Klock and Wincent Kunth. We seized the opportunity to find out about his musicality through both this following interview and an exclusively recorded promo mix unleashed here as further evidence of what’s in store this Saturday night.

DOWNLOAD:Truncate fabric Promo Mix

You’re in the midst of a busy tour schedule from the sounds of things, where’ve you been? How’s it been going?
In the last few months I've been playing around the US, Canada, and Colombia. I'm currently in Europe for gigs and also have Japan coming up, things have been going well and super busy!

Can you tell us a bit out your history, you grew up in California what was going on there that introduced you to music?
I started going to parties back in 1996, the scene was a lot different, lots of backyard house parties and warehouse parties. The rave scene was big, all sorts of new electronic music was making waves throughout Southern California, it was a special time to be around and to be a part of. I got first wind of the music around 1991/92 thru mix tapes and the late night dance music radio shows. From there it was to the parties then into DJing and all seems like a blur now, time flies!

You’re a firm part of the Droid Behaviour crew – what’s your role there? They really put on some great line ups for their parties...
I've known the Droid fellas for about 10 years now. I'm not heavily involved with the throwing of the parties but I've been a regular producer and DJ with them for about 10 years. The parties they've thrown in LA over the years have become legendary and a staple in the techno scene here in LA. November 17th is the 10 year anniversary of 'Interface' which is the warehouse party series that have become infamous here in LA and we have a very special night lined up for the Angelinos

To be honest I wasn’t so aware of techno like this having a voice on the west coast, there seemed to be more of strong voice for house and glitch hop goings on – am I totally wrong is the scene strong for this over there?
There has always been a techno scene in Los Angeles, although small but healthy. In the last few years it has grown and become increasingly popular. There's also a steady stream of producers here putting out great music which have put Los Angeles on the techno map… guys like Drumcell, Raiz, Developer, Silent Servant and more have been frequently touring all around the world and releasing music on some of techno's biggest labels.

Truncate’s a relatively new project for you after releasing as Audio Injection from the mid 90’s – why the new title? What’re the differences between the projects?
I started Truncate in 2010 as just a fun DJ tool project, taking my techno more stripped down and deep but still with an edge. Compared to the Audio Injection stuff which I would say is more big room sounding, Truncate sticks to the basics, simple, raw techno.

The label Truncate, is that really just for releasing your own stuff or would you like to expand to release other artists output in the future?
For now I'm just sticking to releasing my own music with the occasional remixes from friends and artists I like and respect.

You’re playing as part of Ben Klock’s album launch in Room Two, he put two of your tracks on his fabric 66 release – do you know Ben well?
I've actually only been in touch with Ben through email over the last couple of years, sending him my Truncate stuff because he was really into that sound so I was very happy when he approached me for music for his mixed CD. I've got huge respect for Ben as a DJ and a producer and really feel honored that he not only used 1 but 2 tracks of mine in his CD.

Anything new on the horizon we should know about?
My next Truncate record titled 'Modify' should be out in November as well as an EP for Droid Behavior under my alias Audio Injection. I'll also be playing in Japan w/ Ben Sims for the first time in November so I'm very excited for that. There's definitely lot's more music to come from me.

What’ve you got planned for your set next Saturday, you’re DJing, what tracks have been particularly successful for you recently?
- I usually like to pick out tracks that I want to play but sometimes never play them because I like to DJ on impulse and see what works with the crowds, I like to switch it up with the harder stuff and deeper stuff… lately I've been playing some older records which have been working very well…. but you'll have to be there to hear them.

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