Introducing...DEMO (+ Exclusive Russ Yallop Edit)

Our disco has been known for giving emerging artists a soap box alongside the established since we first opened our doors in 1999. This has never changed and now resident Terry Francis has come together with long time compatriot Eddie Richards to host a new party banner specifically focused at doing just that, giving the spotlight to rising talent in house and techno.

So let’s get excited about this, first up is Russ Yallop a new purveyor of the fresh wave of house music causing a stir as part of Hot Natured, a DJ we’ve welcomed with open arms and who has brought the roof down without fail. He’s the first guest in a long line of quarterly events to be hosted by Eddie and Terry that they have given the moniker of DEMO to.

We spoke to Eddie about the ideas behind the event and Russ has cooked up an exclusive edit for us. Just like the ones he’s become known for and is set to shake things up as we step towards the first of many DEMO affairs in Farringdon.

DOWNLOAD: Shaun Reeves - Patience (Russ Yallop Fuckabout Edit)

What made you both decide you wanted to start a new promotion?
Terry and I have been close friends since meeting up at Sterns / Interdance in 1991 where we discovered we have a similar taste and style of DJing so promoting a night together is something we think will really work well. Plus the opportunity for us to host Room Three just came up at the club, it's the perfect place to present DEMO.

What inspired the idea of DEMO?
It's always difficult to find the ideal name & brand image to give the right information or expectation to people but DEMO sums up our aims of the night to present a platform for new, up and coming like minded artists and DJs to DEMOnstrate their skills. DEMO is also a recording of a new song or of one performed by an unknown artist, it can mean to demonstrate or give an exhibition to an interested audience, a presentation showing how something works so it fits the bill nicely.

What do you hope to get out of it and for the night to achieve?
DEMO can also be described as something intended to communicate a particular impression & we want DEMO to be the first choice for those wanting to hear exciting guests, the newest music available on a kicking sound system presented by tried and trusted DJs

What do you look for in a new DJ or producer that makes them stand out?
I don't think theres anything in particular we would be looking for. After years of honing our skills and selecting music for our own DJ performances it becomes quite instinctive to recognise the music we know will work for us


Russ Yallop is your first guest, what is Russ doing at the moment that interests you?
Russ' music releases have been consistently good and we're happy that he's agreed to be the first guest for DEMO.

Who else is on your wish list of guests?
DEMO will be reaching out to Mollono.Bass, Lula Circus, Dachshund, Dirk Diggler and Cosmic Cowboys to join us for future events happening every three months in Room Three at fabric.

Do you think the angle of the night is going to impact on your DJ sets for Demo?
As well a complementing each other when we DJ there’s always an element of friendly competition which brings out the best in each of us so expect to be DEMOlished.

Skip the queue and get in free this Saturday with a friend paying £10 as a member of fabricfirst. Click here for more information and to sign up.

Saturday 20th August

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