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fabric in the Eyes of Jesse Rose

"I remember hearing about fabric opening while living in West London from my good mate & drinking partner Shaun Roberts (who for many years has run the Friday nights at the club). The buzz was already there just hearing about this space that used to be a meat market and was about to be turned into the biggest underground clubs in London. I went to see the site before it opened, the space itself was already super exciting without anything in it. For the first four years of the club I would be there near enough every Saturday, I would do the warm ups once a month and be the guy to call if someone couldn't make it or if it was a special house night. I truly learned how to warm up in room 1, 2 & 3. I was only 21 at the time and to play this club was the biggest gig you could get.

"I remember those times with a sparkle of happiness in my eye, I could turn up on any Saturday and I knew at least twenty people minimum. It was a place to hear DJ’s you'd only heard about, make life long fiends and fall in and out of love throughout the years. Coming back to club always reminds me of the long road it's been to now traveling around the world every weekend. I remember telling Shaun at the age of 20 while DJing in a small west London bar on a rainy Monday night that one day I would be playing around the world, he simply looked up with drunken eyes and smiled 'I hope so mate' he said.

"Henrik Schwarz and myself have been performing live as 'Black Rose' on special festival bills and club nights for a few years now. This Saturday we both play on our own but when we get together it goes a lil’ something like this..."


Saturday 1st September

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