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Vibezin's April 2012 Showcase Mix

As I noted last week when briefly introducing the Keysound record label it’s quite interesting to note the support structure Dusk & Blackdown offer to their artists. The path from getting airplay on duo’s Rinse FM show to getting that backing and releasing a record that’s mastered at Transition and presented and promoted carefully, is kind of a tried and tested one. Gauging how a producer’s work goes down in terms of audience reaction and in terms of segueing into similarly motivated material is an essential part of the process and for that there really isn’t a better functioning platform than Rinse.

Vibezin is a Londoner who caught the collective Keysound ear through United Vibez – a regular DJ partnership that broadcasts on internet station SUB FM between Vibezin and Amen Ra of long time Keysound cohorts, LHF. As Blackdown himself noted in the run up to the release of Vibezin’s From The Crates EP, he’s “as much influenced by UK garage’s magpie-like approach to fragments of great records past as dubstep’s reverence of weighty sub bass,” hence why Vibezin’s music makes great work of the swung, clipped drums of 2-step and an anything goes sample ethic.

Ahead of Vibezin’s appearance at the Keysound takeover of Room Three this Friday - and as part of the ongoing Keysound takeover of the fabric Blog this week - he’s kindly recorded the best introduction to his music we could ever wish to provide in the form of a succinct showcase mix. Thats 20+ minutes made up entirely of Vibezin’s own music...

Download: Vibezin - Showcase Mix (April 2012)


Vibezin – You Know
Vibezin – Weirdo’s Only
Vibezin – Hot 4 U [Keysound]
Vibezin – Step by Step
Vibezin – Yearning
Vibezin – Mad Sick [Keysound]
Vibezin – A Little Higher [Forthcoming Keysound]
Vibezin – Vicious [Keysound]

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