M.A.N.D.Y's Summer Guide + Stream Tiger Stripes Remix

Unless you've been cowering under a rock the last few weeks you’ll know that Get Physical are back for a rapturous return in Room One this Saturday. We’ve maintained a special relationship with DJ duo M.A.N.D.Y during their ten year reign of the label, providing a home to the likes of DJ T and Booka Shade and specialising in a frantic brand of party tech-house. What we love most about the music brothers in arms is how they identify themselves through their recognizable style of the simple pleasure of playing out together.

So, in the new surge of heat we’re experiencing mid- Summer we thought it be would fun to ask them away from the decks how they like to spend the season. One half of M.A.N.D.Y, Philipp Jung gives us their guide on everything from summer soundtracks to hangouts and discusses the 10 year landmark of the label.

Stream Tiger Stripes - This Man ( M.A.N.D.Y. vs LOPAZZ Edit ) out now on Get Physical below.

How are you celebrating 10 years of Get Physical this Summer?
Philipp: Obviously we are doing more label-parties around the globe and are trying to gather most of the people we worked with and have spent some really good times with over the past 10 years.

What does the 10 year landmark mean to you?
Philipp: It’s nothing really new that time passes by quickly, but seriously it's crazy. I think all the people, who started back in the day never thought about this in terms of running a business for so many years. A lot of them disappeared as well, so I am very happy we are still here and actually think we are on pretty solid feet right now. The team is the best we ever had and I am very happy with the musical outcome. As with many other labels the booking part gets vital for the surviving of the label so we are focusing a lot on this. The recording business is pretty dead, so we have to find new ways to survive, there are 7 people in our office and we need to feed them.

How would you sum up the Get Physical journey so far in three words?
Philipp: Blood, Sweat & Tears and tons of good moments.

What are some of your favourite Summer hang outs?
Philipp: Just sitting here on a little island called Hvar in Croatia. This could be a place where I could stay a little longer because it is so beautiful. But there are so many nice spots, we just played on the most historic bridge in Avignon, South of France: this was some very special moment and of course the festivals like Melt, Fusion and Burning Man.

What’s your Summer soundtrack?
Philipp: This changes the whole time. A friend made me listen to Sixto Rodriguez, since I discovered him he's on constant repeat. Perfect Summer music.

What’s your favourite Summer eats?
Philipp: Patrick and me love Spaghetti Bolognese. It can often happen that the night goes on a little longer and food will be not in sight for some long hours, we need a solid base. The ingredients should be organic lean minced beef, onion, garlic, chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, little bit sugar, fennel, carrots, red wine, fresh basil and dried oregano. And you should cook it for a couple of hours. It even tastes better the next day after the after hour.

Favourite Summer holiday destination?
Philipp: No laptop, best buddies, not too much techno, good food, sports and sleep. It could be anywhere where it's calm and beautiful.

What are your expectations for your Summer gig at fabric on Saturday?
Philipp: For some reason which I can't even explain, the last gig was so long ago, it’s not even funny. As everyone knows we do have a very close relationship to the whole fabric crew so we are really happy to be back for some Room One action. We seriously can't wait for this moment again. Thanks for having the Get Physical label night again, may there be another 10 anniversaries come.

Saturday 18th August

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