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Fred V & Grafix Want Time And More Time

The latest artist to step up and deliver their desires for our ongoing Most Wanted series is the mighty drum & bass duo that is Fred V & Grafix. Set to link up with the likes of Frankee and Mat Zo in Room Two next month (17th July), the Hospital Records affiliates have thought long and hard about the one thing they covet most of all...

Fred V & Grafix: Every DJ knows this story, it’s a tale that’s been told and lived by thousands of DJs for years and it will never change. Growing up you talk to your friends and family about how you dream of travelling the world and seeing the sights; maybe even taking a gap year and living in the jungle, catching and cooking your food, smoking joints in a hammock - you get the picture. No one tells you that if you become a successful DJ and get the honour of travelling the world for a living, the most you’re going to see is a grimey backstage room and a late checkout receipt. Now this is an exaggeration, of course, but generally, if you’ve got a weekend of shows lined up, the chances are you have extremely limited time in each destination. You get tossed into the back of the promoters van, chaperoned into the hotel lobby, enter an awkward conversation about checkout times and wifi passwords that you’ve heard a thousand times, after what most likely was a heavy night in Slovakia - or was it Estonia? Who knows... In this instance it really bares no relevance as you just saw a hotel and a club, as per. Then you curl up into your hotel bed for a 2 hour disco nap before getting a pile of room service and heading to the next club to get down to business. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an unbelievably fun job and we are humbled, honoured and privileged to get to call it a job - but it sometimes feels silly coming home, from a weekend in 3 different countries and being asked what you saw.

I guess the point of this is that it’s a real shame that we get to go to all these beautiful countries with vibrant cultures and you don’t usually get to spend more than an evening there and any time you do have spare is usually spent going through your Rekordbox, catching up on Game Of Thrones or nursing a hangover. Now an obvious solution to this that people will always say is: "why don’t you go a couple of days earlier?” This is a fair question; but for us, all time is precious, you work your 9-5 in the studio, 5 days a week, making the stuff that gets you booked for these shows, there’s no real time to go and have yourself a 2/3 day holiday every week, just so you can take a few selfies in front of the Eiffel Tower. It’s just a reality that all DJs have to live with.

Our hope is that one day, as old men, we can revisit all these beautiful countries and experience them as we should have. As they deserve to be.

Friday 17th July

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