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GotSome's Equipment Laced Christmas Wish List

With tonight's eagerly awaited, UKF Xmas party about to take place, there's nowt much to do other than to get suitably hyped for 170bpm fuelled nine hour session - one that now includes a super special 2 hour set from mister Andy C. That said, the mighty GotSome boys, who'll also be joining us in Farringdon later, have offered to bring some more festive action apty ahead of tonight's show by giving us their ultimate gear focussed wish list for Christmas this year, complete with Roland Synths and Technip (cat nip in the shape of turntables...). Here's what they had to say...

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator

I had a go on one of these the other day and couldn't believe how small they are. It's basically a synth that will fit in a cigarette packet! Don't be fooled by the size though, they sound surprisingly mean and powerful and come in three flavours, bass, lead and drums, which can also be chained together. There are plenty of sounds on board, plus a sequencer and built-in FX.


Price: £48 (each)





Soft Machines Technip 1210

Ok, this is more a toy for your cat. Watch you feline friend lose their shit on the decks as they play with this little mini cushion filled with catnip. The company also make some dope sofa cushions based on 808s, 909s, Minimoog's, and other classic synths.


Price: €5.90 (Technip 1210)  €39.90 (Minimoog cushion)

Splitterbot Headphone Splitter

Sometimes you want to share listening to some beats with the person sat next to you on a long journey. Most DJs and producers won't be happy with just a single ear bud and they will likely rattle on about only hearing half the mix (we've definitely done this before!). In steps this cool little fella to save the day. Plug-in two sets of headphones to Splitterbot's eyes and you're good to go. Comes in white, or slightly more expensive chrome and can be attached to a key chain.


Price: £2.50 (Approx.)

Ear Plugs

Not very exciting we know, but useful nonetheless as hearing is vital to any musician, producer, engineer or DJ. It's possible the person in question may already have some top of the range moulded ear plugs, but you never know when you might accidentally lose them whilst drunk after a show, so it's always useful to have a backup. In fact, you can get some pretty decent sounding ones for under £20. At the very least, they beat those crap squidgy ones.


Price: £13.49 (Thunderplugs TPRO1)

Roland Boutique Synths

If you're looking to really get in someone's good books then one of these will definitely do the job.These tiny recreations of Roland's classic synth lines can be chained together or connected into an optional keyboard dock. They use the same analogue modelling technology as the recent AIRA series and are faithful recreations of Roland's classic Juno and Jupiter series.


Price: £229 (JU-06, JX-03)  £299 (JP-08)  £75 (Keyboard Dock)


Friday 11th December

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