Most Wanted
Point G's Number One Synth of Choice

The next artist to fill us in on the object of their desires for our ‘Most Wanted’ series is the French deep house maestro Point G. Ahead of his live appearance at our celebration of 10 years of air london this weekend, it came as little surprise when he filled us in on his #1 synth of choice...

Point G: For my ‘Most Wanted’ object I’ve picked the legendary Yamaha CS-60 synthesizer – this is a smaller version of the CS-80 used by so many producers, including Stevie Wonder, Jean-Michele Jarre, Phoenix, and more.

It’s a much smaller elephant than its older brother (which weighed around 90kg), but it’s so grainy and offers so many weird options and routings, meaning whatever you do with it, you’ll get a poem.

I used to own this piece of gear 10 years ago, but when studio equipment and synthesizers in general started getting smaller I sold it... in the current days of miniature, I feel excited about the return of big ol’ tasty steaks!


Saturday 17th June

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