fabric 72: rhadoo - Limited Edition 10" Vinyl Samplers

With fabric 72, rhadoo follows his Romanian compatriot and [a:rpia:r] cohort Petre Inspirescu onto the fabric mix series, with an intoxicating, atmospheric aural excursion. The vast majority of the tracks are unreleased and unheard before this project, representing a new and burgeoning scene in Eastern Europe. Letting the music do the talking as usual, rhadoo has personally selected 4 tracks from the mix to press exclusively to a pair of limited edition vinyl 10”s.

On the first disc, Adrian Niculae’s mechanical ‘conTRASt’ juxtaposes nagging metallic sounds with a rumbling low end, whilst on the reverse Yourayo’s more organic ‘Blueprint’ features warm synths, a melancholic piano refrain and a rounded bassline.

The second sampler sees ‘Fast Lane 4’ by Traian Chereches live up to its name, the clever weaving of elements maintaining urgency throughout, and Vlad Caia’s ‘Ticktockclockityclock’ closes out the selection with a suitably metronomic groove.

All tracks are exclusive to this pair of vinyl 10”s, which are strictly limited to 300 copies each, and the fabric 72 release. Available for immediate delivery to fabricfirst subscribers, non-members may pre-order their copy now, for delivery upon the general release date, 27th January. Buy both releases together from the fabric store to receive a £1 discount.


Sampler 1
A Adrian Niculae - conTRASt
B Yourayo - Blueprint

Sampler 2
A Traian Chereches - Fast Lane 4
B Vlad Caia - Ticktockclockityclock

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fabric 72: rhadoo is out now, available from

Wednesday 30th November

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