Hear a gritty D&B cut from Tephra & Arkoze & Invadhertz

Joining forces and creating something of a power trio, Tephra & Arkoze and Invadhertz have linked in the studio for Addictive Behaviour - identifying with each other through their shared love of gritty minimal and techy DNB rollers.

The result is a four track EP When in Rome which shows off the best of each producers holds on engineering atmospheric sonics. We’re feeling quite happy to be able to host the launch of this fine EP as part of Addictive Behaviour’s takeover or Room Three as part of our big birthday do on 19th October. So, ahead of being able to hear it for reals on the full weight of our new Pioneer Pro Audio system in Room Three you can get the exclusive first online listen to our favourite cut from the release Mind Games, here today.

Stream: Premiere: Mind Games - Tephra & Arkoze & Invadhertz [Addictive Behaviour]


Friday 19th October

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