Lee Foss - Modern Amusment Podcast Episode 2

For Hot Natured protagonist Lee Foss, life has continued to move in an upwards trajectory when it comes to his status as one of the most in demand DJ’s of the moment - taking centre stage across contents, fields and major cities as well as pushing his production forward in a fresh exploration of his vocal talents.

Freshly delivered this afternoon is the second installment Foss’s Modern Amusement Podcast series – it arrives just over a year on from the first episode we were also privileged to offer up its first listen on our blog. The partnership fits - as Lee says in our catch up below, inspiration for the mix came to him as thoughts focused on the gig ahead tomorrow night as he prepares to return to Room One. Stream the mix in the player below and read on as Lee relays his highlights of the summer so far and picks out the tracks that have been at the top of his playlist.

DOWNLOAD: Lee Foss - Modern Amusement Podcast Episode 2

Hi Lee good to speak to you again, can you tell us about your summer?
It looks like it’s been a pretty full schedule so far – What’ve you been up to? Summer has been great but so hectic. Started off with Detroit for Movement which was my favorite weekend in a long, long, long time, Jamie and I played on the RBMA stage as the sun was setting on Sunday and the backdrop of these neon ravers ,the Detroit cityscape and the river and fog was just incredible. They had this neon chalk that the kids were drawing on the pyramid with and it just felt like a utopian lord of the flies . . .Also had a cool Hot Natured party on Monday after.

Since then it’s been hectic but amazing great times, 4th of July in Chicago where my friend Dino started his own festival called Wavefront that was a huge success and felt like a nice homecoming for me...As well as going to Moscow, Brazil, Tunisia, Bulgaria etc.

And some wonderful times in the UK like the muddiest Secret Garden Party possible but still amazing and I went to the Olympics on Wednesday. It’s just been hectic trying to juggle finishing the Hot Natured album, my own projects, running the label, the travel/DJing, remixing, and starting a new project using my own voice on records and the effort that goes into that. . .

It’s been creative/fun/fast paced

What tracks have been at the top of your playlist?

Right now a lot of Miguel Campbell’s album tracks and the Hot Natured album tracks are at the top of my personal play list ... [PLUG]
Benoit and Sergio – Bridge Too Far has been good this summer, Jameie Jones’s remix of Crave and Danny Daze Flight Facilities remix was big too..

What does that mean for your releases – are there any we can look forward to soon?
Yeah defo, you’ll see the next Hot Natured single’s in September and late fall, and the album probably will land in March… As for the Lee Foss material you’ll get an EP off the album I’ve been working on in October on Hot Creations as well. Also got something cooking using my own voice on record…

Can you introduce this second installment of your Modern Amusement podcast with us – what thoughts and feelings went into this mix?
I was thinking I was excited to come back and play at fabric because it’s always so fun and run so well and I wanted give everyone a little taste of a few of the songs that are on my mind this morning.

These are just some of the songs I’m feeling right now, that are grabbing me and doing something interesting.

Saturday 11th August

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