Space Dimension Controller's Basic Rhythm

Back in March we gave you news of the birth of Basic Rhythm, the label bought to you by the enigma that is Space Dimension Controller. Well, in a move that co-incides nicely with his appearance at On... on the 30th July, he’s given us the go ahead to premiere the forthcoming material.

The 4 track release is by AD Bourke, an Italian producer who has previously put out music on the Citinite label whom SDC met and most likely bonded with, when studying at Red Bull Music Academy in London last year. The material leans heavily on boogie, but hits with so much melody that it transcends that signifier, working the headspace as well as your body.

Information is generally scarce on the release date but we’re assured its "coming soon bro."

Stream: BR11001: AD Bourke - Tidal Motion

Catch Space Dimension Controller performing alongside Ricardo Villalobos, San Proper, Deniz Kurtel and Craig Richards in Room One at On... on the 30th July

Saturday 30th July

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