Marcus Intalex - A True Master Of His Form

All of us at fabric are utterly devastated to hear that Marcus Kaye (Marcus Intalex and Trevino) passed away this weekend. Our love, thoughts and condolences go out to his friends and family at this sad time. Marcus’ music was felt by the entire electronic music community which has become even more apparent in the outpouring of messages from his peers - people he supported, influenced and inspired.

Marcus was part of the family here, too. He hosted his institutional Soul:ution nights for nearly 15 years and released FABRICLIVE 35 with us - a masterclass in form for working off a groove in drum & bass. He also became part of the Saturday night side of our programming in more recent years. When he started working under his Trevino moniker Craig Richards signed his music to The Nothing Special and we brought him to share his warm and coloured strand of techno on a number of memorable occasions.

Nobody here knew him better than Shaun Roberts, the individual behind FABRICLIVE for nearly 10 years. Shaun worked alongside Marcus for nearly all of this time and shared a lot of time with him. He had the following to say:

Marcus has been a part of the fabric family since he first played for us in May 2002. Everyone who knew him can and has attested to the fact that he was always very easy to work with, even though he could be a grump from time to time (I called his music Grumble and Bass). But, ultimately he was always supportive, generous and professional in everything he did.

We worked together regularly programming his Soul:ution nights at fabric - a real night for the heads with Marcus and Calibre as the spine of the show but his all-night session in Room Three in November 2014 was perhaps my favourite experience of his music. A true 6 hour masterclass.

Marcus's contribution to the FABRICLIVE mix series genuinely re-opened peoples' ears to a genre they had perhaps left behind and I know it was a real thrill for him to have techno luminaries singing its praises. It's up there with the best of them.

I had not seen Marcus for a good 6 months as I haven't been working in the same circles but we had been threatening each other with a game of golf and good red wine. I'm so sad that we won't make that happen.

You were a great friend to us all at fabric. Thanks for all the laughs and all the music. You inspired us and many other people working in the industry today.

Rest in peace Marcus x

- Shaun Roberts (former FABRICLIVE Promotions Manager)

FABRICLIVE 35: Marcus Intalex

We’ve decided to make Marcus Intalex’s FABRICLIVE album available to stream for the next week. It’s a masterwork and we wanted everyone to be able to take a moment to appreciate it.

Zed Bias & Marcus Intalex In Conversation - Three Part Interview

Conducted in 2014 in the run up to a historic 6 hour set from Marcus in Room Three, him and fellow Mancunian Zed Bias linked to talk about everything from the pitfalls of social media and the strength of the UK’s musical community.

Part 1: In Conversation: Zed Bias & Marcus Intalex Discuss Their Comfort Zones
Part 2: In Conversation: Zed Bias & Marcus Intalex Discuss The World Of Social Media
Part 3: In Conversation: Zed Bias & Marcus Intalex Discuss The Open Nature Of UK Music

Donate to support Marcus' family

The label team behind Soul:r have upped the track to Bandcamp with all proceeds going towards helping his family to cover funeral expenses. You can donate and purchase the track here.

Photo: Nick Ensing

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