Sonar 2009
We Came, We Saw, We Sunburned.

Well, what can we say about Sonar? Sun, sea, sand, soundsystems and beats, bass, breaks and the beach. (We could go on all day, believe)

But instead of giving you the normal boring breakdown of who did what and where, we’ll give you our top ten highlights of the festival just gone.

1.    Redbull’s Music Academy Stage
Possibly the best stage at Sonar by Day. With a line including the Bomb Squad’s Hank Shocklee, Ethiopian Jazz man Mulatu Astatke, Detroit techno legend Carl Craig and not to mention the newcomers soul singer Muhsinah, Onra, Viennese beat conductor Dorian Concept, The UK’s very own Lukid and more. We had more than our musical fill at his one stage. (Watch out for the Redbull Music Academy heading to London next year.)

2.    Grace Jones
Does anything else need to be said? An outfit change after EVERY song. Inviting everyone to dance with her on stage. Walking between a main dressed all in white and another dressed all in black. 61 yet looking hotter than ladies half her age? We bow down before her (and suggest you do too!)

3.    Martyn
Dutchman and DC resident destroyed Mary Anne Hobb’s stage at Sonar by night with his mix of Funky, Garage, Dubstep, Broken Beats and his tune Vancouver. BIG!

4.    Brainfeeder BCN
Oh yes. Flying Lotus and his crew descended on the beachfront with Plat Du Jour for a night of LA mayhem in Barcelona. It was hot, it was sweaty but it was bliss. Eardrums popped and t-shirts soaked.

5.    Richie Hawtin
50,000 people going buck wild to the sounds of Richie at 4.30am was a moment for sure. Wow.

6.    Bumper Cars
Yes Sonar by Night came correct and had bumper cars on hand in their SonarLab stage. No festival will ever complete without it now.

7.    Saturday Morning heading to Sonar by Day
After a heavy night of listening to Ms Grace Jones and Mary Anne Hobbs, as  we walked to Sonar By Day on the last day we were greeted by the sounds of Benga & Coki’s Night and sadly realised we won’t be eating bass for breakfast anymore.

8. Toilet attendants
Actually scratch that, proper toilets at a festival, we like. Big up, it was a nice touch.

9. The weather
A vital tool in to any festival and the sunshine made those late nights and early mornings easier to deal with.

10.    Friends, friends and brand new family
The people at Sonar were all super friendly, nice to put the face to name, and nice to meet new names and faces.

Bring on next year.

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