Toddla T - I'm Agitated (Agitated By Ross Orton & Pipes)

One of Sheffield’s bubbliest exports, Toddla T, has gone from humble roots working in trainer shops and making dancehall mixtapes in his bedroom to releasing albums on Ninja Tune. He’s someone we’ve been enamoured with for a long time; his restless character and boundless enthusiasm makes him an incredibly likeable person and we’re happy to have worked alongside him inside the club and outside of it, on his FABRICLIVE 47 mix CD.

Since its release he embarked on an incredibly busy DJ schedule, become a presenter on BBC Radio 1 and signed with Ninja, releasing a duo of well received albums; the latest of which, Watch Me Dance, has just been ‘Agitated’ by Ross Orton and Pipes, a couple of influential artists from his home town. It’s a neat take on the culture of the remix, giving an artist access to the entire project files and asking them to reinterpret the entire body of work and producing some like that is no mean feat considering the energy and direction of the source material.

To better clarify the process, we’ve been granted exclusive access to stream the Ross Orton & Pipes agitation of ‘I’m Agitated’, which came out previously as ‘Alive’, the lead single from Watch Me Dance. Featuring the vocal stylings of garage princess Shola Ama - someone Toddla’s worked with previously on ‘Take It Back’ – the agitation heads straight for the dancefloor; all clipped drums, warped bass and affected vocal snippets and it’s the prefect prelude to the FABRICLIVE debut of Toddla’s new live incarnation, The Toddla T Sound.

Joined and powered by a light and visual show and vocalists Serocee, MC DRS and Shola Ama, this live show bridges the gaps between Toddla’s DJ sets and his album material, providing the first real opportunity for Toddla to present his own material on the live stage. It’s something we’re incredibly excited to witness this Friday, hence why we’ve been replaying this stream over again this morning…

Catch The Toddla T Sound headlining Room One this Friday.

Friday 14th September

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