It’s A Ting & Their FABRICLIVE x Idle Hands Mix

Reading the way that Szare respond to Little White Earbud’s line of questioning in the interview that accompanies their recent podcast, it’s at once obvious that there are two personalities at work there. Any musical pairing undoubtedly involves a certain amount of compromise, artistic or otherwise, but the way the two players approach the interview makes it feel like there are obvious playful tendencies jutting out from underneath the surface. Music like theirs, techno, is often pretty serious sounding – music that’s built around a constant four four pulse and built out of industrial textures and drones, tends to not come off as throw away fun, even though it could totally be used for that purpose if you found the right kind of crowd – and often that level of clinical stoicism bleeds through into the reputation of the artist; hence the mystique of the dry and baron techno don who craves anonymity as much as a slot at Berghain.

Not so with Szare...

"It’s like a spiritual ting you know, it’s not even about music you know,” one of them said of their LWE mix. “It’s about knowing your place in the grand diary of tings you know. Mans can’t be demanding overtime and shit — mans got an appointment with the big man and he ain’t rescheduling even if you just bought a Twix or a Wispa or whatever."

Seriously though, count the amount of times Jack Coulton of Szare says ‘it’s a ting’, or some variation of that phrase throughout the interview. Even though they’re widely considered anonymous - filling their soundcloud profile with misleading pointers telling you they’re foreign when they’re most likely a couple of mixed heritage dudes from round Manchester way – Szare are telling you more than you think. They like techno (though their discography would suggest that’s a bit of a given) and they’ve spent time raving (not in the East London warehouse kind of way, in the romanticised, DIY soundsystem way) and that they’d rather project a lighter, more colloquial image in the wake of what their music actually sounds like.

The duo are playing in Room Three on Friday 7th September for Idle Hands, a label who’ve released their music before (see above) and who seemed to really cement their relationship with them when they put them on at their Boiler Room session a month or so back. Szare sit on the lineup alongside Kowton, Vessel, Asusu, Outboxx and The Kelly Twins and ahead of the date they put together this promotional mix which although skeletal, kinda fleshes out the kind of techno mandate they’ve laid out on previous releases through Krill Music and Horizontal Ground.

Download: Szare – FABRICLIVE x Idle Hands Mix

Catch Szare in Room Three on Friday 7th September.

Szare also have a 12" out now on Mindset (pictured). For info/previews go to their Surus store.

Friday 7th September