Wasted Chicago Youth describe themselves as ‘Chicago’s well known underground house militia,’ a tag that Justin Long and Mazi Namvar live up to, as they pump beats back into the heart of Chicago's underground scene. We took them for face value and asked them to delve into the methods they used to waste time during their Chi-bred adolescence. In adhering to the fabric press office’s strict policy of OCD first, they done did a 10 strong list each.

1. Made God knows how many "promo only" mix tapes.
2. Spent most of it in rooms with turn tables, computers, instruments and audio equipment.
3. Shopped for music.
4. Appeared at loft, warehouse, concert venue, skating rink, roller rink, hotel lobby, night club, bar, living room, basement, side room, dorm room, patio, shed - anywhere we could make beats happen.
5. Sold my CD's to buy vinyl, sold my vinyl to buy equipment, sold my equipment to pay rent - later on bought CD's and repeat.
6. Made many landlords unhappy.
7. Ate more McDonald's than I'd like to admit (there was one next to my favorite record shop, Gramaphone).
8. Tried unsuccessfully explaining to my parents what a producer/remixer does.
9. Got married.
10. Met significant others who would later leave me due to reasons 1through8.

Justin Long:
1. Spending all my weekends lost in sound @ the original club Medusas.
2. Starting slam pits at punk shows at the Metro.
3. Most of my life in the 90s @ Rave & Warehouse parties.
4. Dropping all my hard earned cash @ Gramaphone Records.
5. Downing bottles of Mad Dog 20/20.
6. Riding the CTA to downtown to skateboard the best terrain in the city.
7. Dropping quarters among quarters at Dennis’s Place For Games or Times Square arcade.
8. Playing way too much Lazer Tag or Photon.
9. In comic book shops.
10. Winter ice skating at Daley plaza.

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