Toi.Toi Takeover
Voigtmann, Lamache and Isis Salvaterra's Best Toi Toi Moments

In the run up to Toi.Toi.Musik’s takeover of Room Three this Saturday we’ve heard from nearly the whole cast of the collective’s new agency roster this week here on the blog. Beginning on Monday with Nicolas Lutz and his deep vinyl roots we got an exclusive insight into the ingenious live set up of Audio Werner on Tuesday and then on Wednesday we found ourselves amidst James Dean Brown's world of considered, highly conceptualised creativity.

Today, to finish off their takeover, we’ve asked the three resident anchors Voigtmann, Lamache and Isis Salvaterra to share with us their most precious moments from the years they’ve been in operation. That’s the thing about Toi.Toi, we had to include everyone this week in our coverage of the event. They’re a family unit and not to acknowledge each individual member’s contribution and perspective on what Toi.Toi is would be a major oversight. So through sounds and words we present the final instalment: Voigtmann, Lamache and Isis's Best Toi.Toi Moments.

Voigtmann's Best Toi Toi Moments.

Kerri Chandler- Back to the Raw (Ruff Mix)

This track was the first track of one my first closing sets at Toi Toi in the early days. After putting the track on and releasing the filter, the low end kicked in and people went up the roof at the Hoxton Basement. Totally underestimated the power of this track so this moment stayed with me for sure.

Halo Varga - Future (Original Mix)

Classic West Coast gem - James Dean Brown played it at Toi Toi and it had a huge impact on me, I bought the record straight away and now it is never far from my record case, it sounds great on big sound systems.

Parris Mitchell - Ghetto Booty

Mike Shannon re-unleashed my guilty pleasure for raw booty tech! He played it Toi Toi (isis' birthday) and also gave the record to Isis as a birthday present.

Isis Salvaterra's Best Toi Toi Moments

This track is on Story 5 and it is by Audio Werner played by our resident Jan Krueger. This was the party where we had the legendary Thomas Brinkmann, Crowdpleaser and Voigtmann play. It is our busiest party to date and Jan did an amazing closing set. This video portrays Jan at Jan's best. The bouncy dance, up and down is so him so every time I hear this track this image and this party comes to my head. (Audio Werner would then be joining my agency 2 years later)

The KLF vs Ricardo Villalobos - What Time is Love

This track is a great mark for me because the first time I heard I totally fell in love with the soundscapes of it, they're very peculiar. It was played and given to me by Nicolas Lutz on the night I invited him to join the Toi Toi family.

Half Hawaii (Sammy Dee & Bruno Pronsato) – Bring Back the Love

Half Hawaii performed live alongside Voigtmann, Daze Maxim and Craig Richards for Toi Toi's birthday last year, precious and unforgettable moment when they played this. This track is also a great representation of the combination of these two amazing individuals who are totally linked to us and our community in so many levels.

Toi toi mon toi - Ellis Medeiros

This track is in honour of our french followers. We have a huge community of them that follow us and at first they always say the name as in 'YOU YOU' (Toi Toi in French) and we have let them adopt it as such. One of our friends then posted this on our wall. It is from 86 and it plays with the words 'toi toi'! On my birthday in 2011, a couple of french friends who I adore, Cyril and Nicolas, came from Paris for the party and gave me this 7 inch vinyl as a present after looking through every record shop and every shelf in Paris to find the record. What an amazing present which comes with so much effort. Priceless!!!

Lamache's Best Toi Toi Moments

Tom Ellis - Simple Truth 

I love to play this track just to see the reaction I get from people just to 'play' with them... I think this track is really original and different than other tracks... The groove is trippy and the bass can change everything when you've been playing linear for a while.
 In fact this whole LP is brilliant.

Mr. G - Life (One Dark Late Saturday)

This one really represents Toi Toi's mood when people start to dance...
I love to play this track, it takes people to another place... & I love Mr. G. He is also a regular performing at Toi Toi.

Jichael Mackson - Gedöns

This track is really long and has differents stages (elements), it reminds me of a lot of good moments when I played the warm up at the Hoxton Basement, the production is amazing and perfect to 'announce' something progressive...

Toi Toi will be in Room Three this Saturday showcasing their new agency roster, more info and tickets are here. You can also enjoy the music in this blog post on YouTube in our specially created playlist, here.

Saturday 16th March

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