Catching Up With Dubfire

Ahead of their special Bank Holiday party this Sunday night (3rd May), the WetYourSelf crew hooked up with the Grammy award winning SCI+TEC boss, Dubfire to discuss his forthcoming productions, a love of gastronomy and his passion for sake.

WYS!: Can you tell us about your plans for 2015, what projects are you currently working on?

Dubfire: After the Plastikman remix of ‘Exposed’ surfaced in January, I released my mix of Barem’s ‘A’ on my own SCI+TEC imprint back in March. I’m looking forward to seeing the release of my new mix for Hot Since 82 in April and later a Joseph Capriati remix which I just completed for Drumcode. I’m currently buried in the studio juggling multiple projects like Grindhouse II with Radio Slave and Danton Eeprom, a DJ mix for the next ENTER compilation, my next single with Miss Kittin entitled ‘Ride’ as well as a mix for the rock band, Interpol. I’ve also wrapped my final collaboration with Oliver Huntemann entitled ‘Humano.’ We’ll be releasing that as part of a comprehensive package of everything we’ve done together as well as every remix which was commissioned and some new remixes to boot. It will be the definitive musical statement from Oli and I with some special gigs planned together. Tour wise I recently launched my 2-year live show concept HYBRID at this year’s Timewarp in Mannheim. It's the culmination of a lot of hard work with a very talented team of collaborators that I've assembled. The show is a unique audio-visual experience that captures the essence of my sound to 2D and 3D rendered visuals, creating an immersive virtual experience. We recently debuted it in Mannheim and have shows coming up at Sonar, Baum, Citadela and SW4 in London.

What new releases do you have planned for SCI+TEC this year?

The amount of great demos I've been getting has been overwhelming! So much so that our release schedule is nearly complete until March 2016! Along with singles from my main artists Carlo Lio, SHADED and The Junkies, expect new music from Johnny Trika, Richie Santana, Reboot, Wigbert, Carlos Manaca, Chris Rusu, Justin James, Stiv Hey, Alberto Tolo, Ricky Ebner, Matt Sassari and many more.

What music do you like to listen to away from dance music, what’s you favourite album at the moment?

Typically if I'm not in the studio working on my own material or checking demos on a daily basis I tend to go in the complete opposite direction musically speaking to restore some sort of balance! Right now a New York alternative band A Place to Bury Strangers has been on heavy rotation for me, along with Interpol's new album, FKA Twigs and Dirty Beaches.

What other passions do you have beside your work?

It’s no secret that I’m a passionate gastronome - mainly because I see so many parallels between the culinary arts and what creative chefs do, with that of musicians and DJs. Like there are DJs, there are MANY cooks but it takes a certain discipline, artistic vision and sacrifice that defines a truly great chef or DJ.

You are constantly touring the world, what do you do to relax?

It's rare that I ever have any time off but when I do, I tend to go somewhere serene, sunny and near a beach and just unplug from the world. A ‘digital detox’ is essential to maintain my sanity. Also I'll brush up on my cooking skills and catch up on sleep!

What style of food is your favorite?

I’m very much into Japanese food and culture and specifically, sake. I want to learn as much as I can about this fascinating beverage and plan to follow up level one of the Sake Professional Course that I took in Japan in January with level two next year. It’s a passion that’s as strong for me as music and I plan on continuing my education in the hope of promoting sake around the world and eventually turning it into various business opportunities.

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