"What I Play Is Everything That I Love To Dance To"
In Conversation With Kim Ann Foxman

Since leaving her role as vocalist for leading disco group, Hercules And Love Affair, Kim Ann Foxman has endearingly turned her attention to the DJ realm. It’s a place she’s more than familiar with. Upon moving to NYC she founded the infamous Mad Clams party, a vestibule for the upbeat and eclectic party vibe of her record bag, with all colours of house and disco in full effect.

Production wise, since moving on from the band she’s really gotten serious with her studio output and over the last year she has seen a wealth of 12”s released - both solo and a huge amount of collaborations which have seen her step into the studio alongside the likes of Maya Jane Coles. There’s also a neat link in there to our reasoning to speaking with Kim Ann on the blog; she’s worked with a number of the artists who she is sharing the bill with in Farringdon this weekend: Nick Simonichi, Neville Watson and Kink. So naturally with the date looming and so much going on in her flourishing DJ oriented sphere we wanted to take this opportunity to chat to her and find out a bit more about what we can expect from her set this coming weekend.

Every mix I hear from you is really different the range of what you play is huge! How does this reflect the music you like to dance to and get inspired by?
Thanks! i draw inspiration from all kinds of music….House, Techno, R n B, Freestyle, and a lot of stuff I grew up listening to, what I play really is everything that I love to dance to, and inspires me or references things that inspire me.

When you’re coming to Room Three in a couple of weeks to DJ you’ll be sharing the rig with just 1 other DJ for the full night – are you looking forward to playing a more extended set? Is this something you enjoy doing and do a lot?
I’m so excited and looking forward to an extended set. It’s so nice to have time to take the set to different places and to dig deep. I love Room Three at fabric and am also happy to be sharing the room with Nick Simoncino. I think the vibe will be really great! We collaborated on the “Dream” EP

You seem to be DJing quite a lot now whereas previously as part of Hercules love affair you were more frequently performing on stage – what do you like about DJing versus live?
DJing is a lot easier in a way, less vulnerable there are more factors to worry about in a live set you feel a bit more exposed playing live. I feel very much in my comfort zone DJing and love being able to play all kinds of styles on the fly depending on mood and the response from the crowd, playing live is a lot more planned obviously.

Since you’ve gone solo there’s been heaps of choice collabs, with Neville Watson and Kink (who are playing live on the same night you’re here) and Maya Jane Coles – is this your preferred way of working?
I do love collabs, it’s just been nice to work with artists and producers that I admire.

Is there anything you have coming up you can talk about, like is there an album in the works?
I have been working towards an album but not rushing it. I’ll put it out when the story is ready as a whole, I’m also working on a bunch of underground 12"s I do have some releases coming out soon this winter.

One is with my studio mates -Pleasure Planet which will come out on Throne of Blood the other is a solo release coming out on Heidi presents Jackathon Jams early in 2014…which is getting some nice remixes as well!

Where do you get inspiration for the really strong aesthetic that accompanies your music, both in the videos and artwork - there’s a really strong feeling for 90’s era fashion – is that a time you really identify with?
I did grow up in that time so I love the 80s and 90s! My inspiration comes from just nostalgia, music videos, fashion, New York vibes, inspiring and amazing friends around me like designers, stylists, dancers , artists.

Similarly there seems to be a real affiliation with the UK with your music – is it reciprocated? Do you feel any ties with what’s going on here culturally?
I feel a very big connection to the UK. I love the music and the scene I really connect with the energy of the crowds. They are so open and a very experienced when it comes to dance music it’s a really vibrant culture for sure. The crowd just gets it- I love that.

To complete our interview can you tip us off on the five tracks you can’t stop listening to right now?

1. Hush (Catz 'n Dogz 2013 Remix) - Thomas Schumacher [Pets Recordings]

2. Got To Believe - Jacques Renault - Edit [LPHWHT]

3. Ron Jason & Kim Ann Foxman - R [Love Fever]

4. Bicep - Satisfy - [FMB]

5. Annette - Dream 17 [Deconstruction 1989]


Saturday 7th December

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