Andrea Giudice WetYourSelf! Promo Mix

Hailing from our very own musical locale, Andrea Giudice is like a breath of fresh air in our bass-laced capital. A formidable house & techno purveyor, his persuasions are fuelled by an experimental sound drawing influences from his musical adolescence and the 90’s psychedelic revelry. Just imagine an illustrious fusion of pulsing house & techno with a melodic old school twist. Venturing down to Farringdon on November 10th for our Sunday night WetYourSelf! revelry, the techno giant delivers a tantalising mix to show us what to expect once he’s commanding the soundwaves that Sunday. Listen here...

Download: Andrea Giudice- WYS! Promo Mix-10.11.13


Friday 11th October

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