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7 Oct

Midland & Friends: Todd Edwards, Peach, rRoxymore, Reece Spooner (Fiasco!), Gabrielle Kwarteng, Honcho, AGY3NA

Room 1:

Room 2:
Todd Edwards
Gabrielle Kwarteng

Room 3: Fiasco!
Reece Spooner

Beloved electronic scene figurehead and long-time friend of the club Midland joins us on 7th October for his first curated night at fabric.

Midland has become heralded for his attention to the craft of DJing consistently delivering classy yet raucous sets touching on anything from house, techno and electro. The ‘FABRICLIVE 94’ mix curator is by no means a stranger to Farringdon, playing for us numerous times over the years and never failing to make us dance – most recently as an unannounced special guest for 2023’s Pride celebrations.

This Autumn, it’s Midland's turn to curate, and he's inviting down a host of good friends – Todd Edwards, Peach, rRoxymore, Gabrielle Kwarteng, Reece Spooner, Honcho and AGY3NA – for a three-room, full-club showcase.

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