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18 Apr

Red Axes - 'One More City' (fabric Originals) Album Live Tour - fabric

Red Axes (LIVE)
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Red Axes will kickstart their ‘One More City’ live show right here in Farringdon for the London leg of their album tour.

Marking the release of their album on fabric Originals / fabric Records, 'One More City' is another exciting accomplishment by the duo. Comprised of Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi, Tel Aviv-based Red Axes are informed by post-punk, new wave, and a plethora of club sounds old and new.

Made and mixed at home in Israel, One More City a return to the rootedness of picking up instruments and jamming together. "When you're older," says Dori, "it's harder to regain that certainty you had in your youth. But when we hold a guitar or a bass, that's when we get back to that safe place, that's when we get our confidence again." And it absolutely shows: this is a record crackling with energy, mischief, pleasure and an understanding of how all the parts of the band's history fit together. Goth, new wave, techno, disco, minimalism - and, as Niv says, "this cheesy, glammy side too, we can't escape that!"

We’re thrilled to host the duo once again for another explorative live set.

Doors will open for this Thursday evening live show at 7.30pm with a support act (TBA) opening up for the duo who play until approximately 11pm.

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