33:45 - Dr Banana

33:45 is your new regular fix of beats, bargains and bangers. 

We’re taking some of the scene’s best-loved diggers and spinners record shopping. For the first edition, UKG aficionado Dr Banana took us on a journey along the District line to an incredible treasure in Upminster called Crazy Beat, ahead of his curated Room 2 next weekend (4th March).

We hadn’t heard of Crazy Beat before Dr Banana suggested it – and we’re pleased he did. The family-run independent was first recommended to him by friend Alec Falconer (Phone Traxxx), and it’s a real hub for old school gems, UKG, classic house, hip-hop, jazz and more. Unless you knew where to look, you wouldn’t know Crazy Beat was there. 

Dr Banana shares his hunting habits and lets us in on what he’s looking for when he goes diggin’. He also selects some tunes to take home – an unknown 138 Trek mash up of Who Let The Dogs Out (£3, by the way), a DJ Ride remix of  Plan B, and more. Get stuck in.

Dr Banana joins Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Phone Traxxx, Jacques Greene, Aletha & more on 4th March. Tickets below...