Houndstooth: Aïsha Devi releases first new album in five years 'Death Is Home'

This power-house personal work is out now on vinyl and digital.

Swiss-Nepalese producer, vocalist and Danse Noire label owner Aïsha Devi returns with new album ‘Death is Home’. It's her first LP in five years and her most personal work yet. Death is Home propels listeners towards the extremes, bending fictile beats and cybernetic textures into transformative new sonic territory – aka Devi's signature style. It is out now on our sister-imprint Houndstooth.

Devi describes her sound as "Aetherave", and uses bass-heavy club motifs and intentional aesthetic signifiers to transport listeners to a dizzying, kinetic environment, harnessing timeless frequencies. On each record, Devi has advanced her philosophy and developed her technology; her last album DNA Feelings (2018) was a radical hybrid of ancient mysticism and rebellious pop, and her upcoming LP Death is Home continues to propel listeners towards the extremes, bending "fictile beats" and "cybernetic textures". This eagerly-awaited new album takes the listener through Devi's staple contemporary style - it seeps in ornate language and eerie sonic architecture.

Death Is Home is ultimately a manifesto. It’s Devi’s most revealing work to date and a direct result of her personal evolution and ongoing quest. Growing up under the shadow of isolation and abuse, she formed her practice as a healing method, using it to neutralise her past and recreate an alternate, more hospitable reality – beyond the human condition.

Death Is Home is out now via Houndstooth.

Available on vinyl + digital.