Audio: Listen to Mathew Jonson & Sebastian Mullaert jamming live at Concrete

Mathew Jonson and Sebastian Mullaert have long occupied a similar terrain of melody-affected minimal techno, but in recent years, their sound worlds have merged. In addition to a one-off EP for Hypercolour in 2016, the pair have linked up for a number of performances, frequently collaborating as part of Mullaert’s Circle of Live collective. Inaugurated at the much-loved Welsh festival Freerotation, the project sees Mullaert and a crew of close peers syncing their machinery for experimental jams: all live, and all completely improvised. Loose and unstructured, the extended sets aim to celebrate electronic music at its most experimental, where spontaneity is key. This Saturday, Jonson and Mullaert come together for an extended live set in Farringdon, which should channel the same free-flowing spirit as their Circle of Live sessions. Ahead of joining us, they shared an exclusive 90-minute excerpt of one of their previous jams, recorded live at Paris' now-defunct Concrete in November 2018. Listen to what happens when they sync below. Stream: Mathew Jonson & Sebastian Mullaert Recorded Live at Concrete 02/11/2018 Photo credit: Concrete
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