Audio: Re-UP mix trippy house with a touch of funk

Alberto Leonardi and Omar Mazzon are a DJ and producer duo from northern Italy. Together as Re-UP, they’ve been the staples of a tight-knit scene centred around Venice and their neighbouring hometown of Treviso since 2008, honing a slick, reductionist playing style loosely rooted in house and techno. Most Venetian clubbers know them as the residents of the much-loved TAG Club, where they frequently play alongside artists like Sonja Moonear and Praslea. The pair play a trippy and wide-ranging strain of electronics that’s closely aligned with artists like Moonear, which is something their various labels are equally renowned for. Lately their focus has been on the lowkey imprint Where We Met and its two offshoots Spaziotempo and Threads, and when they join us this weekend, they’ll be linking up with local talent Jos for a joint showcase between EYA and Where We Met. On their mix for us, we get an idea of the sound they’re used to spinning in Venice on the regular: trippy, breaksy house with a touch of funk. Download: Re-UP Sundays at fabric x Where We Met Promo Mix
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