Back To Back: Prosumer And Murat Tepeli

Ostgut Ton’s Prosumer and Murat Tepeli are two resolute tastemakers of the Berlin scene, in their own style they go deep into reinterpreting the groove in their studio collaborations for the Berghain associated label. On the surface however, their outward personalities come across as completely different; Murat is a fully qualified and active surgeon and Prosumer is a don when it comes to hosting pub quizzes, yet put the two together in the booth uniting their mutual love of all things house music and the match seems like it couldn’t make more sense. In this comedy of wit and manners, Prosumer and Murat have given us one of our best back to back artist interviews to date before they take on Room Three this Saturday and reveal how being friends with each other may make life full of awkward situations but still, they will always love each other to bits. PROSUMER INTERVIEWS MURAT TEPELI P: Hi Murat, nice to talk to you. Your amazing 'Fe Fi Fo Funk For Me EP' was just released and it's the one I did also a remix for. Tell us about your home-made artwork and how much time it took you to make it? M: We wanted to make the label artwork go with the sleeves. So first there was this image of Wrestler Koko-B-ware. If you have missed seeing this guy performing, please watch him. His style is so crazy. There was one picture of him with a bandana and a bird on the shoulder, so I came up with the idea to do some bandanas with the AVA logo. However, that would have gone beyond the scope, so I decided to take colored terry cloth pieces, make a stencil with the EP name and spray every piece in different colors. In all it took a whole week to do but I think it looks great and every piece is unique. P: I heard that you are baking Macarons yourself, but I've never tasted them. How difficult are they to make and when will I finally get some to taste? M: Talking about the sleeves and now about the macaroons I realize how colourful my life is. Like Rainbows everywhere. I think this is a good sign. If you ever tried macaroons you know how delicious they are and if you ever tried making some you also know how precise you have to measure the ingredients to get the perfect macaroons. But lets make a deal, you invite me over to Scotland and I'll make you macaroons in every colour and flavour you like. P: You by now must be used to answering questions about being a doctor in interviews. I will for once not ask about your favourite operation but something useful instead. What is your recommendation as a doctor for the day after a night of heavy drinking and not sleeping? M: If you manage to eat anything salty before you drop dead in your bed, it will be half the battle if it comes up to headaches. Plus don't forget to drink water, water, water! P: Just like me you've moved and find yourself in a similar position, having one leg in Berlin, traveling for work and staying somewhere quiet for the rest of your time. How does it feel having several homes at once? M: I have just started to realize how much I do love my own bed. There is nothing else in the world like knowing that you come back home lay down in your own bed and you know you can rest in it for as long as you want. It feels like heaven on earth. P: I am not gonna ask you what we can expect from you this year because I expect very much of you and you better keep on making great music. But, as my last question. What, in the last 12 months, has been the thing you surprised yourself most with? M: I know what you are trying to get out of me with your last question, but let me say, last year was just amazing. So many surprises which are worth being told, but that would just go beyond the scope. MURAT TEPELI INTERVIEWS PROSUMER M: So, dear Achim, you are right. I also just moved but instead I stayed within in the country and you decided to move to Scotland. I guess you prepared a lot of things before making the decision, but what has been the weirdest experience you had so far that you weren't prepared for when thinking about moving to Scotland? P: It was a very funny experience to be reminded about how German I am in the process of moving. Countless moments where something deep inside of me wanted to scream "nooo, this is not how it is done!" to the point I got really annoyed by it. Mainly entertaining though. M: Hearing you asking me about my macaroons is really flattering. Thank you. But we both know who's the king in the kitchen.So tell me - I am really looking forward to visiting you at your new home in Edinburgh. What is the first Scottish menu the chef de cuisine would love to prepare for me? P: I will get you really drunk and then you will be convinced that the Deep Fried Mars Bar is the best food you ever had in your entire life. I have some new recipes for stews and I am still looking for a victim to test on. M: You did an amazing remix of "Forever" for my "Fee Fi Foe Funk For Me EP" on Ava which is called "Prosumer's Hold Me Touch Me Remix" and I can't stop playing it over and over. I'm not too happy because your mix kind of steals my show, but anyway, we'll talk about that in private. I gave you the chance to choose between both tracks "The Jazz Funk" or "Forever". Why did you choose that track and why do you want everybody to hold and touch you? P: Thank you. "The Jazz Funk" was too great to be messed with. "Forever" is a great tune but immediately I wanted to go clean it up a bit, shift some things here and there, hide some under the carpet and put a spotlight on others. Who does not want to be touched and held? Whoever saw "The Producers" might, next to some smashing, highly inappropriate songs, remember 2"Hold Me Touch Me". Also "Squeeze Me Tease Me" and "Suck Me." M: Everytime I hear you DJ I would love to know what record you are going to play, but after all these years, you still surprise me every set by set. People out there, having listened to you a few times know what I mean. How do you manage to keep sounding so fresh everytime and where do you get all these records from that I have never heard before? P: We spend too little time together, obviously. All I do is play KMS 49 all the time. M: Has there been an awkward situation you might have had within the last 12 months with a surprise of mine? P: With my last question, I was not aiming for you to confess about the things that turn you into a Turkish Udo Brinkmann. Dear readers, do not Google this, the reputation of Germany is bad enough. Dear Murat, being friends with you makes my life full of awkward situations. I still love you to bits. Catch Prosumer, Murat Tepeli and Dan Beaumont in Room Three on 20th April. For more info and tickets go here.
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