Commune: Art meets music at fabric for a new daytime community gathering

Daytime & evening gathering brings creativity and collaboration into fabric through art installations, record pop-up, and guest DJ sets.

Following a debut event in October, fabric’s new art and music event Commune will return on 5th November. This daytime & evening gathering will bring creativity and collaboration into Farringdon through art installations, record pop-ups, and guest DJ sets.

Curated by DJ Pattn, Commune provides an alternative to typical “Sunday clubbing” and exhibition scenes as visual artwork and sonic explorations will come together at the iconic Farringdon venue. In addition to the art show and DJ sets, there will be a pop-up Record Store from West London’s Next Door Records and Food & Drink by fabric’s in-house pizza (Pizza & Dumplings), Redemption Coffee Roasters, and alcoholic pressed juices in a can will also be on offer from Ace+Freak.

Exciting musical talent in the shape of Italian selector Luca Andreozzi, Secretsundaze resident Cosmo Sofi, and Soursopp founders David Triana & Rakim Under will soundtrack the event in fabric’s Room 2.

Check out what went down at the last event for a flavour: Looking back on the first ever Commune at the club 🤳🏻 🎨 The debut event on 1st October brought art and music together for a community-driven day time gathering. Announcement coming very soon regarding, guests, DJs, partners and more for the next event on 5th November.... #CommuneAtFabric #art #music #clubbing #whatsonlondon #artist #digitalart #exhibition #stufftodolondon #club #londonvenue #londontiktok #whatsonlondon ♬ original sound -

There will be photography on display from Aya Saleh and Fares Akhaoui, a digital artwork exhibition curated by Artdott and presented in partnership with MI-S, showcasing works from Selay Karasu, Henry Hu, Anthony Kyriazis, Mel Habibian and Baris Gence, an interactive art station plastic recycling studio Are You Mad, and a pop-up record stop and listening station by Next Door Records.

Commune brings together art installations, interactive exhibitions, and creative pop-ups from dynamic collectives and organisations, inviting attendees to immerse themselves in interactive art stations whilst the dancefloor provides a fusion of genres, from intelligent electronica to world music & digger-driven house.

Commune is an opportunity to experience fabric in a new way. Whether you’ve been clubbing at fabric for decades, new to the dancefloor, an avid lover of music and art, or an art fan who wants to experience visual art in a new settling – Commune is calling.


Students go free.

The DJs:

Commune will welcome Italian selector Luca Andreozzi to serve up rarities from his soulful collection of vinyl. Starting his musical journey as a bass player (aka BabyBass), Luca is known for his eclectic musical style and extensive record collection, his sets explore a range of genres, including Italo-disco, quirky funk, 80s electro and 90s house.

Secretsundaze resident Cosmo Sofi then steps up to navigate through an odyssey of eclectic sounds, including world music and warm electronica. As a former host of Worldwide FM, Sofi’s versatility across music allows her to explore the lesser-known realms of various genres, resulting in distinctive, explorative sets.

The co-captains of Soursopp – the crew responsible for some of London’s most renowned underground parties – David Triana & Rakim Under, combine forces for an extended set to close the event out. The duo have defined their own soundscape within the realm of house music, fusing their unique blend of classics and their own productions, tirelessly crafting compelling sets that continue to intrigue audiences.

Art, Music, Food & Drink Partners:

On View.
The works of creatives and photographers Aya Saleh and Fares Akhaoui depicting the transition into various communal scenes and settings, exploring the interplay between the physical and psychological.

Artdott is a web3.0 leading art-on-demand platform for boundary-pushing digital artists. They return to present a fresh exhibition of digital art, this month following a nature-based theme. This time collaborating with MI-S to present a fresh exhibition of digital art which will feature Selay Karasu, Henry Hu, Anthony Kyriazis, Mel Habibian and Baris Gencel. The visuals of Commune’s main poster are a part of the digital artwork by Henry Hu. The piece "Invincible Corals" was featured at Vivid Sydney 2023 and shortlisted for Australian Effects & Animation Festival awards 2023.

Are You Mad.
AYM are the world's first urban closed-loop plastic recycling studio. They will showcase an interactive art station, alongside collaborators Ace+Freak, which will allow attendees to contribute to the magic.

Next Door Records.
This West-London record shop specialises in forward-thinking live and electronic music. They will host a vinyl and merch trading stall, offering a spot for those in attendance to spin on their turntables and rotary mixer set up.

The U SHIRT team will also be in attendance to generate bespoke prints for garments, driven by your own designs. (To guarantee receiving a printed design, we encourage you to bring your own garment). 

Food & Drink.
To fuel the journey, Commune offers a range of delicious food and non-alcoholic drinks, including from Redemption Roasters and from fabric’s new pizza station. Ace+Freak (simply booze + pressed juices in a can that’s vegan and made with 100% natural and low-processed ingredients) will also be on offer.