Crate Diggin’: Mathame retrace their lost childhood memories

Mathame is an electronic duo comprised of Italian siblings Amedeo and Matteo Giovanelli. Currently signed to Afterlife, they’re the latest stars of a dramatic, melody-affected house sound that Tale Of Us have helped popularise over the last few years. The pair grew up in northern Italy through the 90s, learning about classical and Pink Floyd through their parents’ expansive record collections. Those styles at least partly influenced their musical journey, which started in earnest with a move to the forest surrounding Mount Etna in 2013. Today they're following in the (hugely successful) footsteps of their Italian counterparts behind Afterlife, but for their Crate Diggin’ feature, they wanted to reflect on how they reached this point by retracing their lost childhood memories. They take us step-by-step through their formative years of discovery, from Pachelbel and Beethoven through to Aphex, Daft Punk, and a lot more in between.


Johann Pachelbel – Canon In D Major [Erato]

I was 10 when I learned to play it on the violin, I fell completely in love with the melody and chords. It has followed me since then into adulthood.

Daniel Powter – Bad Day [Warner Bros. Records]

Just the first track I started to sing at six years old, memorable.

2Pac – Life Goes On [Death Row]

What to say about this? At 14, it started my hip-hop period, I was completely focussed on old school stuff from the East and West Coast. My love for Tupac is just absolute.

Aphex Twin – Flim [Warp]

My first touch with electronic music. Classical piano influenced; this track was huge for me as a 16 year-old.

X Japan – Forever Love [Atlantic]

This one is very important for me. It’s one of my musical connections with my other brother Riccardo. At 12 years old I was super interested in anime, manga and Japanese games. I spent 24 hours a day with him, this is a tribute to that period of our life.

Sigur Rós ‎– Dauðalogn [Parlophone/XL]

The period when me and my family moved to the slope of the volcano Etna to live. I remember that I listened the full album 100 times coming from North Italy to Sicily with the ferry. Immense.

Daft Punk – Instant Crush [Columbia]

Nothing to say, this changed completely my point of view. One of the biggest tracks ever made.

Queen – We Are The Champions [EMI]

This track, indelible sign in my heart.

Luciano Pavarotti – Nessun Dorma (None Shall Sleep) [Decca]

My mum fell completely in love with this, I was forced to listen to it from a very young age. This gives you the power to never give up.

Aerosmith – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing [Columbia]

It was one of the first vinyl records I bought, I don’t know why but I have a strange connection with this track. From time to time, I come back to listen in.


Simon And Garfunkel – The Boxer (The Concert in Central Park Version) [Warner Bros.]

I was three years old, and I put the vinyl on every day on the audio station.

Franco Battiato – No Time No Space [EMI]

Holiday time, when I was four years old my parents has this cassette in the car, this was the anthem of our Sardinia holidays.

Beethoven – Sonata No. 8 In C Minor, Op. 13 ("Pathétique")

I have this clear image, I was five, my mum put this record on in our home when I was sick or angry for something, and it worked – made me feel better.

Vangelis – Alpha [RCA]

My first meeting with a synthesizer. The power of the energy that this track had blew my mind. I was seven years old.

Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) [Harvest]

Another clear image, eight years old, searching in my parents’ vinyl collection. This was one of my most consumed ever.

R.A.F. By Picotto – Bakerloo Symphony (Mediterranean Progressive) [GFB Records]

At 10 years old, electronic dance music was growing in northern Italy. This was the track that showed me electronic music had another level of energy in it.

Bodylotion AKA Neophyte – Always Hardcore [Rotterdam Records]

13 years old, a quiet student in middle school, first kisses and period of rebellion. This was a cassette illegally provided in the classroom by a friend, and it was instant love. Radical.

Bob Marley & The Wailers – Concrete Jungle [Island]

15 years old, finding epic rebellion tunes.

Mobb Deep – Shook Ones Pt. II [Loud]

16 years old, time for hip-hop love. This was simply the greatest track ever made.

Chab feat. JD Davis – Close To Me (Album Mix) [Saw]

20 years old, being introduced to clubbing with this track. Fluid Club, Bergamo. Never forget.
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