fabric 24th Birthday – The Weekend Guide

Can I re-enter? Is there food? Who’s playing when?” – Your burning Birthday questions answered.

It's that time of year. The Big One. Whether you’ve celebrated with us before, or heading down for the first time, make sure to read the guide and refresh yourself on what to expect for our 30-hour party, and how to prep accordingly.

Some say getting older, we say upgrading… This year’s Birthday launches our new Corner Shop with snacks, coffee, soft drinks, and more. And if you’ve been to the club in the past month or so you might have noticed a new smell throughout the club – (no, not the smoking area) – the warm scent of freshly baked pizza, now available during most club nights, and on offer throughout our birthday marathon. We’ll also be opening Room 2 as a chill-out space on Sunday, as usual we have free lids for glasses (just ask at the bar), and new lockers to help store your stuff.

All tickets allow re-entry and fabricfirst Members get in for free between 7am–10am on Sunday.

‍"So, what can I expect?"

  • Friday night's FABRICLIVE celebrations with MURA MASA, Yung Singh, Calibre, EVA808 & more (11pm-6am)
  • 30 hours of non-stop music from 11pm Saturday- 5am Monday

  • Three club rooms of eclectic sounds and staple Birthday sets: from Saturday night’s techno Room 2, Love Child’s steamy Sunday Room 3, to an afternoon with Enzo Siragusa and Fumiya Tanaka, a very special Ricardo & Raresh Sunday evening B2B...
  • Stuff to sustain you: Pizza available in our new in-club Corner Shop, as well as snacks, coffee, hot drinks, and more.
  • Make sure to lace-up those dancing shoes - there’ll be lots of that, and some special extra free treats too…

“Can I come and go over the weekend?”

Yes! All tickets for Saturday-Monday's edition allow re-entry. Saturday kicks off at 11pm and runs through to Monday morning (5am). Friday’s FABRICLIVE runs from 11pm to 6am as is ticketed separately.

“When will set times be released?”

The running order is now available.

“Will there be tickets on the door?”

We always leave a limited number of tickets on the door.

A 30-hour event offers flexibility; so whether you’re down for an early morning session, or fancy popping in after the pub on Saturday night, we’ll be open for a dance.

“Did someone say Pizza?!”

Yup. This year we’re excited to introduce our new Pizza offering for the club brought to you by Pizza & Dumplings; as well as staple toppings, there will be “The ADB (All Day Breakfast)” with panchetta, egg and cheddar - perfect for a breakfast session.

There will also be hot and cold drinks all weekend as well as a variety of snacks in our Corner Shop, located at ground floor level by the entrance to the smoking area.


Rega tomato sauce, Mozzarella & Basil
Rega Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella & Smoked Pepperoni
Rega Tomato sauce, White Wild Mushrooms & Truffle Oil
Mozzarella, Goats Cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano & Honey
The All Day Breakfast with Pancetta, Cheddar & Egg

“What if I need a breather from all that dancing?”

We got you: Room 2 will be open as a chill-out zone on Sunday if you feel like kicking back for a while.

“I’m in for the long haul - where can I keep my belongings?”

As well as the cloakroom, this year we’ve also got the new addition of lockers - located by the main entrance when you arrive, so you can take your stuff when you want without having to queue up at the cloakroom.

The boring (and very very important!) stuff…‍

Tickets & Re-entry:

  • All tickets for Saturday–Monday’s party come with a re-entry wristband
  • Check your ticket & entry time on your RA ticket
  • You will not be able to re-enter after Sunday midnight (23:59)
  • Upon re-entry, you will queue and be searched again. Please consider that there could be a wait if you arrive during a busy period

Stay safe and look out for each other:

  • Keep hydrated with the Free Water Bar next to the Room 1 bar
  • Make sure to take advantage of re-entry and our chill-out zones
  • Free lids are available for drinks - ask at the bar
  • Welfare is located by the Smoking Area
  • Dedicated taxi waiting area and Wi-Fi zone by the exit
  • Check-in with your friends and leave together

fabricfirst Members:

  • fabricfirst club and combo members will have their usual door privileges for both nights as well as free entry between 7am–10am on Sunday
  • Members can jump the queue with priority access
  • Remember, membership proof is required for the door, and members will still need to wait to enter if the club hits capacity

No Photo Policy:
Get those phone cameras off and enjoy the music.

Check List:

  • Tickets: Remember your ticket if you bought in advance
  • Photo ID: No ID, no entry. Every visitor must have a valid, in-date ID with them to be scanned on arrival. (We are a 19+ venue)
  • Card/Contactless Payment: We are a cashless venue
  • Good vibes, good energy, and the same incredible love you’ve given us these past 24 years

fabric x

Re-entry tickets for the fabric 24th Birthday are available below and