We've teamed up with Christie's and Thierry Noir on the exhibition "Thierry Noir: Techno"

"DJs are the heroes of the night. They jam with notes like I jam with colours." Hosted at Christie's, the show plays homage to the Berlin techno scene.

You’ll recogonise the work of @thierrynoir if you’ve ever visited fabric. The colourful pieces decorate our walls, and a painting hangs by our entrance. This Autumn, we’ve collaborated with Christie's and Thierry Noir on “Christie’s presents Thierry Noir: Techno” an immersive music-inspired installation by the Berlin artist. 

Thierry Noir moved from France to Berlin in the 1980s and became the first artist to paint long stretches of the Berlin Wall on which he developed his distinct visual language. Since then, the artist became inextricably linked to the underground scene. The colours, lines, energy and rhythm in his paintings mirror the hypnotic sound of techno music.

Journey into Noir’s vivid visual universe and be transported to the booming techno scene in Berlin. The public exhibition at Christie’s is open between 28th September and 2nd October with free entry at 8 King Street in London.

More info here.

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