NEWSFLASH: fabric Features In The Museum Of London's History Of Smithfield Documentary

How much attention do you really pay to the area in which you work? Do you actually know anything about the history of the area in which your place of work is located? Like, do you really know that much, at all, even on a surface level? Luckily we're located in Smithfield, an area that's been lovingly documented several times - mainly in regards to the Smithfield Meat Market which operates across the road from our front doors - but now, ahead of the proposed re-location of the Museum of London, they've commissioned a poignant documentary which covers the entire area, the businesses and culture of the place and the future of EC1. We're biased, yes, but you should watch it. Learn all about how Smithfield is a place with a lot of pertinent history and characteristics that have not been spoiled in an incredibly long time...
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